Memphis has always marched to its own beat. Pyramid in the skyline? Barbecue in an alley? Dancing ducks in a lobby? If we believe in it, we’re doing it. There’s always something new and exciting to do, someone with a story to tell, and an idea being put into motion around here – that’s what gives Memphis soul, and we’re proud of that. Stay in the loop by checking out what’s new and trending in Memphis, and don’t forget to share your story, too.

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Happy (Virtual) Mother’s Day

We’re throwing a Mother’s Day Party, and guess what, everyone and their mamma is invited! Not even COVID can change the shared love and admiration we have for the maternal figures in our lives. To show them our appreciation this year, amid the worldwide outbreak, here are the five most heartfelt ways to virtually show […]


Music from Memphis: Checkout these 2020 Releases

We’re four months into 2020, and yes, it’s been a rough year so far. But there’s one thing we can count on, even in uncertain times: the power of music. Can you hear it? It’s the sound of April showers turning into May flowers, coming straight out of Memphis. Here’s a list of some of […]


Music Hits: Made In Memphis

Why did the first song to top the pop, country, and rhythm & blues charts come from Memphis? Some say it’s because of our cultural fusions. Others point to seminal hitmakers. Those who live here know that it’s because in Memphis we eat, sleep, and breathe music. Not content to be known as the “home […]


SQUAD GOALS: Kid Maestro on Aaron James

If there’s one thing we know about Memphis music, it’s that our community is collaborative and some of the most passionate fans are the scene’s most talented artists. In our #SquadGoals series, we ask an artist to choose a fellow Memphis music maker – someone they admire or even a collaborator – and write a […]