Bring Your Soul Day Party

WeAreMemphis is popping up this year in neighborhoods around the city, connecting you with most interesting people and places in Memphis. Our first stop is Soccer City, Memphis’ newest hidden gem. Come find out what the “Soccer” in Soccer City is all about, along with great food & drinks, fun games, and door prizes! First […]


Behind The Curtain: Discovering Memphis’ Hidden Gems

In Memphis, you’re always dancing on a fine line—dancing between what you know and what you have yet to find out. We’re perfectly happy enjoying our world-famous live music, sports, and barbecue all while charting our own course searching for hidden gems off the beaten path. For those not in the know, we invite you […]


Tim Howard: A Big Score for Memphis Soccer Fanatics

Most people dream of scoring goals, Tim Howard, has shown us the power of stopping them. As the current Soccer World Cup Record holder for the most saves in a tournament game with 15 stops, Tim has rightly earned his place among the US Men’s National Team as one of the best goalkeepers of all-time. […]