Memphis Fitness: Virtual Workout Classes

Remember when life was a lot simpler? The sweet days when we’re able to hit the gym after work, and take long weekend walks through our favorite parks. Those were the days when we weren’t worried about flattening the curve and were simply obsessed with flattening our tummies.  It’s not like we forgot the positive […]


Staying Healthy At Home

You always look both ways before crossing the street, you don’t talk about religion or politics at the dinner table, and you love most vegetables, don’t even get me started on beets. Or maybe at least these were new year’s resolutions. But yes, you’ve done everything in your power to lead a balanced and healthy […]


Uncorked: The Story Memphis Deserves

By Kirstin Cheers “What if we just sent out all different kinds of Barolos? Is that crazy?” “In Memphis…yeah.”  At that moment – as Elijah unloads on his boss at Joe’s Wine and Liquor about his findings at a recent wine mixer – “Uncorked” becomes bigger than just a story about wine and barbecue.  Elijah, […]