The Kelly Clarkson Show – Sweet Cheeks Diaper Ministry

When Cori Smith was pregnant with her child, she lost her job and found herself in dire need of money for diapers. When she realized there were very few parent aid programs that provided diapers, she created the Sweet Cheeks Diaper Ministry, an organization that provides diapers for families in need. Cori joins the show […]

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Nonprofit builds tiny homes for transgender women of color facing housing insecurity in the South

One in five transgender individuals have experienced homelessness at some point in their lives, according to the National Center for Transgender Equality. Now a nonprofit based in Memphis is on a mission to reverse the troubling statistic. Adriana Diaz shows how members of My Sistah’s House are providing permanent housing to some of those most […]


At Memphis’ Global Café, where refugees run the kitchen, cooking changes lives

SABINE LANGER UNDERSTANDS upheaval, sudden moves, and the chaos of adjusting to a new home on the fly. She’s been through it many times before: At 21, she immigrated from Switzerland to Southern California to accommodate her former husband’s job. In a string of hectic years following that initial move, she and her family pingponged between […]


Most Popular Metros for Gen X Homebuyers

Born between 1965 and 1980, many members of Generation X are in their peak earning years. While the COVID-19 pandemic has doubtlessly stifled some of that earning potential, Gen Xers are still taking advantage of near-record-low mortgage rates to buy homes. But where are Gen Xers looking to buy? To answer this, LendingTree analyzed mortgage […]