Memphis has always marched to its own beat. Pyramid in the skyline? Barbecue in an alley? Dancing ducks in a lobby? If we believe in it, we’re doing it. There’s always something new and exciting to do, someone with a story to tell, and an idea being put into motion around here – that’s what gives Memphis soul, and we’re proud of that. Stay in the loop by checking out what’s new and trending in Memphis, and don’t forget to share your story, too.

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5 Attractions & day trips near Memphis!

Let’s be honest. There are a million wonderful things to do in Memphis, which is why we get over 10 million visitors to our city every year. So where do we — as Memphians — go for day trips if we have the time and budget to get away? It’s tough, but here are five […]

Weekly Recaps

Here’s what happened in Memphis for the week of 03/31/2019!

Memphis weekly recap!   How do you #BringYourSoul?   New Bakery development shows significant growth in Memphis The former Wonder Bread Bakery in Memphis is set to become a mixed-use property in the heart of Memphis.   12 Reasons to Stay in Memphis There are easily 1.2 million incredible reasons to visit Memphis, but for […]


Fun places to go in Memphis for 2019

There are plenty of fun things to do in Memphis in 2019. Memphis is more than a city with Graceland, Sun Records, the Reverend Al Green and great barbeque. It’s a destination city that has the best of Southern hospitality and Northern sensibility. If you are looking to commune in the great outdoors, you can do so […]


Why the Tennessee Brewery Renovation Is a Great Use of $28 Million

What’s a smart way to improve an already awesome city? People have no shortage of excellent suggestions, but few would dispute the benefits of restoring and reclaiming irreplaceable cultural icons. The Tennessee Brewery project is a perfect example that could set a new tone for apartment living in Memphis. Why is this $28 million addition […]


New Bakery development shows significant growth in Memphis

Over the years, Wonder Bread has opened and shifted its bread production throughout the United States. This has included industry-sized bakeries everywhere from Los Angeles and San Diego to Chicago and Memphis. The Wonder Bread Bakery served as a major production and distributor throughout the region, but in 2017, Wonder decided to stop production in its Memphis bakery. […]