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Memphians love to eat. You probably know that we've got the barbecue scene down pat (I mean, where else could you hold the International Barbecue Championship?), but that's not all. Whether you're looking to get down and dirty with some of the best wings in the world or keep it classy with top-knotch fine dining, Memphis has it all. Need some dinner plan inspo? Look no further. Check out the content below for some of the tastiest spots in the 901. Bon Appetit!


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From fried chicken and food truck fusions to fine dining and ethnic food, you’ll find mouth-watering flavors all over Memphis.
Memphis Chef stands in his Kitchen

Memphis Restaurants

You’ve probably heard about our barbecue. After all, it’s divine—rib meat that falls right off the bone, pulled pork sandwiches with slaw on top, and barbecue sauce so good you’ll be buying bottles of it to take home.

But, barbecue aside, Memphis is an emerging foodie town full of savory delights.

From fried chicken and food truck fusions to fine dining and ethnic food, you’ll find mouth-watering flavors all over Memphis.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Memphis Barbecue

In Memphis, we know a thing or two about barbecue. We host the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest for a reason. Slow smoked and full of flavor, Memphis barbecue can’t be beat. With more than 115 restaurant in and around Memphis, you’re sure to find something that makes your tastebuds sing. Want to see our recommendations? Check out this page dedicated to Memphis ‘que!

Picture of some tasty hot wings


You can’t talk about Memphis’ food without mentioning hot wings. Sure, every city has their wing thing, but there’s something that makes Memphis stand out: the sauce. Going for gold means something different in the 901. Honey gold (whether you like the og flavor or kick it up a notch with some heat) can only be found it Memphis. It’s sweet, it’s savory, and, to be honest, it’s everything you wish your wings were. Here are just a few stops that you can’t miss!

Fried Chicken

What would a trip to Memphis be without some Southern-style soul food? The sides are savory—collard greens, mac and cheese, BBQ baked beans—but the fried chicken is sure to be the star of your plate.

We’ve got world-famous fried chicken, fancy fried chicken, and fried chicken recipes passed down from generation to generation.

Here are some of our best fried chicken joints:

Ethnic Cuisine in Memphis

Ethnic Cuisine

Where do you want to eat tonight? No, not which restaurant—which country?

The Memphis food scene is in the midst of a renaissance, thanks in large part to the myriad of ethnic restaurants opening in every corner of the city that feature food from all regions of the world.

Italian, Mexican, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Ethiopian – you name it, we’ve got it.

Here’s a look at some of the best:

Fine Dining

Birthday? Proposal? Anniversary? Or just the type who appreciates the finer things in life? Look no further, because Memphis is full of upscale dining options that feature award-winning chefs and impressive wine lists.

For occasions that require a formal atmosphere, exceptional service, and delicious food, check out these local favorites:

Eat like a local

Eat Like a Local

With the amount of restaurants around Memphis, you can’t pick just one! There are cult favorites, not-so-known holes in the walls, and everything in between. Plus, every Memphian is loyal to their spot. If you ask around, you’re bound to get a bunch of different answers. We kept it easy for you. Here are some of the city’s absolute favorites!


Like every great American city, Memphis has its share of pizza places that take pride in serving up sensational pies.

We’ve got New York-style, Neapolitan-style, thin-crust and, of course, places that put barbecue sauce on just about every pie.

A few of our favorites include:

Healthy Eats

Healthy Eats

Just because you want to make healthy eating a priority doesn’t mean you have to miss out on Memphis’ thriving food scene. Here are a few of our favorite spots for delicious eats that happen to be carefully balanced to fuel your body.

The up-to-the-minute hot spots

Whether you want to discover Memphis’ most cutting-edge food scene or experience the hottest spot in town, check out this list of current favorites.

Memphis Coffee Scene

Coffee Scene

How do Memphians get the energy to take care of business? It’s all in the coffee. There are plenty of shops around the city selling locally roasted brews or even shouting out the coffee cultures of countries around the world. Looking for somewhere to get energized? Here are some of our favorites!

Bartender standing behind her bar

Craft beer

If there’s one thing a Memphian will tell you, it’s that our water is out of this world. Not only doesn’t it make for a refreshing way to hydrate after the heat, it helps our craft brewing community create the best tasting beer! Want to try it out for yourself? Here are some spots you can’t miss!


Mixologists have taken a couple of pours and a stir and created an entirely new genre of artistry. See the Memphis spin applied to carefully crafted cocktails by paying a visit to one of these spots.

Downtown Memphis Bars with great cocktails

Downtown Memphis restaurants perfect for cocktails

Find the food

Want to sample multiple restaurants while you’re here? Check out our tasting tours.

Bon Appétit!

Looking for the Best Memphis BBQ?
While we love what's new, you have to pay tribute to Memphis' name to culinary fame. Looking to dig in to some Memphis 'que? Follow the BBQ Trail