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...to give more than you take, and to change the world around you. It takes soul to be a Memphian. We are a city of doers, dreamers and believers. That’s what drives this unstoppable city. For those who change the world – welcome home.

We are Memphis.
Welcome to our city of soul. Don’t forget to bring yours.



Home to the original change makers of Memphis, South Memphis is where true soul thrives.


The perfect home for millennials and those seeking the exciting parts of life. Central Memphis has everything to build the life you want, get involved, and live out loud.


The history of North Memphis is one of change. From bustling industries to times of struggle, to a new era of people coming together to form communities in which they could thrive.


Primarily outside of the "loop" eastern Memphis includes the Hickory Hill and East Memphis areas. Both are home to major businesses and are easily accessible through the interstate system. East Memphis offers suburban style living with a shorter commute into the city and downtown.


Located in the greater Shelby County region, 6 municipalities ring Memphis: Bartlett, Germantown, Arlington, Millington, Collierville, and Lakeland. Access to these cities and towns is easy using the 385-highway system.

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Here’s how many years $1 million will last you in retirement in the 50 biggest US cities

Online | businessinsider.com | Mar 23, 2020
A study by GoBankingRates found how many years $1 million would last during retirement in 50 of the most populated cities in the US.

Following huge 2019, Memphis industrial brokers say 2020 could be even bigger

Online | bizjournals.com | Mar 11, 2020
As CBRE Inc. keeps track of which industrial markets nationwide see the most leases over 600,000 square feet, the rankings don’t tend to change much year-to-year. California’s Inland Empire, Pennsylvania’s I-78/I-81 corridor, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Atlanta regularly appear at the top of the list. But, in 2019, Memphis found itself sandwiched between those elite markets, […]
Inspirational Women in STEM and Tech: “It is a myth that women don’t have the muscle and stamina for the career” with Audrey P. Willis of CodeCrew

Inspirational Women in STEM and Tech: “It is a myth that women don’t have the muscle and stamina for the career” with Audrey P. Willis of CodeCrew

Online | medium.com | Mar 6, 2020
Audrey P. Willis is a social innovator who breathes life into big ideas. Tapping into her over 15 years of innovation and entrepreneurship experience, Mayor Lee Harris appointed Audrey as the first Manager of Innovation and Performance Analysis for Shelby County Government in Tennessee.
Crosstown High: Innovative Memphis School In A Vertical Urban Village

Crosstown High: Innovative Memphis School In A Vertical Urban Village

Online | forbes.com | Mar 6, 2020
One of the most innovative schools in the country is located in one of the most innovative buildings in the country.
Art, Health, Learning In Community: A Vertical Urban Village In Memphis

Art, Health, Learning In Community: A Vertical Urban Village In Memphis

Online | forbes.com | Mar 6, 2020
Between the World Wars, Sears built 10 giant centers around the country.
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Living in Memphis: Finding a forever home, or testing the waters?

As the Mississippi ebbs and flows, Memphis is quickly becoming one of the most enticing cities you can call home. This City has grown from the home of the blues, bar-b-que, and Beale Street, into the bustling hub of commerce, art, history, architecture and all flavors of entertainment, that you see before you. With countless […]


9 Most Romantic Places in Memphis

“Whether times are good or bad, happy or sad… Let’s stay together!” #AlGreen Whether you’re planning an unforgettable Valentine’s Day, a special anniversary, or even a mini-vacay to reignite the passion, romance is always in the air in Memphis—if you know where to look. Here is a list of the […]


Everything You Need to Know About Parks in Memphis

Memphis is full of natural green spaces. The city contains over 3,000 acres of parkland, all of which is managed by the City of Memphis Division of Parks and Neighborhoods. Find out more about this organization and how it keeps Memphis green.


Best Places in Memphis to Take Out-of-Towners

Memphis is a city rich in culture and history. Whether you’re into historic tours, concerts, music legends, nature, beer, or fine foods – Memphis has it all!


How Memphis Entrepreneurs Are Handling COVID-19

If you’re reading this, you’re probably home due to the city-wide shutdown from COVID-19 or as many Memphians call it “The Rona”. We’re currently witnessing a new normal; a new normal for work, education, family gatherings, and events. But, for many Memphis small business owners and entrepreneurs, the COVID-19 has hit hard. Many have shut […]


Memphian Spotlight: DJ Pryor

We doubt you can get your kids on his waiting list, but DJ Pryor is the new principal at Memphis Daddy Day Care. #RealTalk His adorable—and hilarious—viral video has been viewed 57 million times across social media. It also showcases the role that millennial dads are playing in young […]


What Memphians Can Do From Home While Social-Distancing

#TheRona has made it to Memphis and Shelby County which has caused for thousands of people to work from home, cancel social gatherings and events in an attempt to #FlattenTheCurve by social distancing and self-isolating themselves in their homes. We’re not sure when this tide will subside. […]


Sharing Their Souls: What does Soul mean to you?

You might’ve noticed our new billboards popping up around the city. They feature real Memphians who are bringing their souls to what they love every day. Take Sheila Guerrero, for example. One of our Next Century Memphians, she is passionate about Memphis, Soul, and how both inspire her every […]


In Memphis, Every Month Can Be Black History Month

“Alexa, play Boys II Men “Goodbye” Is it me or does the last week of Black History Month feel somewhat gloomy? But let’s be honest – in Memphis where 60 some percent of Memphians are Black – every month can be Black History Month. Every month, we should dedicate some time to uplift […]


The Who’s Who of Black Memphis Art Renaissance

Black History Month gives us an opportunity to pay homage to some great Memphis artists: from Aretha Franklin (yes, Detroit – she was born here), Issac Hayes, Ernest Withers and George Hunt. Memphis has and continues to birth culture creators and shifters.  There’s been a fresh wave […]


Bring Your Soul Day Party

WeAreMemphis is popping up this year in neighborhoods around the city, connecting you with most interesting people and places in Memphis. Our first stop is Soccer City, Memphis’ newest hidden gem. Come find out what the “Soccer” in Soccer City is all about, along with great food & drinks, fun games, and door prizes! First […]


Our Top 5 Picks for Kid-Friendly Foodie Spots in Memphis

Hip: Check. Trendy: Check. Delicious Food: Check. Kid-Friendly: Ummmm… When you want to go out to eat as a family, it’s not as simple as choosing from the top ten list on Yelp. You want a chance to unwind, relax with your partner and have a variety of menu options that sound delicious to your […]


Behind The Curtain: Discovering Memphis’ Hidden Gems

In Memphis, you’re always dancing on a fine line—dancing between what you know and what you have yet to find out. We’re perfectly happy enjoying our world-famous live music, sports, and barbecue all while charting our own course searching for hidden gems off the beaten path. For those not in […]

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