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...to give more than you take, and to change the world around you. It takes soul to be a Memphian. We are a city of doers, dreamers and believers. That’s what drives this unstoppable city. For those who change the world – welcome home.

We are Memphis.
Welcome to our city of soul. Don’t forget to bring yours.



Home to the original change makers of Memphis, South Memphis is where true soul thrives.


The perfect home for millennials and those seeking the exciting parts of life. Central Memphis has everything to build the life you want, get involved, and live out loud.


The history of North Memphis is one of change. From bustling industries to times of struggle, to a new era of people coming together to form communities in which they could thrive.


Primarily outside of the "loop" eastern Memphis includes the Hickory Hill and East Memphis areas. Both are home to major businesses and are easily accessible through the interstate system. East Memphis offers suburban style living with a shorter commute into the city and downtown.


Located in the greater Shelby County region, 6 municipalities ring Memphis: Bartlett, Germantown, Arlington, Millington, Collierville, and Lakeland. Access to these cities and towns is easy using the 385-highway system.


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St. Jude develops cure for ‘bubble boy’ disease

St. Jude develops cure for ‘bubble boy’ disease

Online | | Apr 18, 2019
A disease made well-known by John Travolta and a 1976 TV movie has been cured in Memphis.
Southern Equality Fund Spotlight: Memphis Black Fashion Week Founder Stixx Mathews

Southern Equality Fund Spotlight: Memphis Black Fashion Week Founder Stixx Mathews

Online | southernequality.org | Apr 18, 2019
One of the campaigns for Southern Equality’s central programs is the Southern Equality Fund, through which they provide funding and training to Southern LGBTQ folks doing heroic organizing in their hometowns.
In Memphis, Community Leadership Drives the Transformation of an Abandoned Sears Warehouse into a Vertical Urban Village

In Memphis, Community Leadership Drives the Transformation of an Abandoned Sears Warehouse into a Vertical Urban Village

Online | metropolismag.com | Apr 11, 2019
The biggest adaptive reuse initiative in Tennessee and the largest LEED Platinum Certified historic adaptive reuse project in the world, the $210 million complex was nearly a decade in the making.
Old Dominick Distillery’s Alex Castle On Spirits, Why She Calls Memphis Her Home & More

Old Dominick Distillery’s Alex Castle On Spirits, Why She Calls Memphis Her Home & More

Online | thehypemagazine.com | Apr 9, 2019
Based in Memphis, Tennessee, the Old Dominick Distillery is a 50,000 square-foot set of historic industrial buildings that have been restored as a spirits distillery.
‘Significant’ music industry growth seen among promising job sectors

‘Significant’ music industry growth seen among promising job sectors

Online | dailymemphian.com | Mar 29, 2019
The Memphis & Shelby County Regional Economic Alliance met publicly for the first time and agreed on priorities for job growth, ranging from transportation and logistics to the music industry.
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12 Reasons to Stay in Memphis

There are easily 1.2 million good reasons to stay in Memphis, but for your ease of reading, I’ve narrowed it down to 12. In no particular order, here they are— 1. Barbecue If you haven’t yet tried the dozens (and dozens!) of BBQ spots in Memphis, 2019 is your year to change that. Entire books have been […]


Amazing Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Memphis

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A New Century of Development is underway!

The year 2019 marks the bicentennial of Memphis. Over the next year, the city will celebrate not only its history, but look ahead to the future. Across town and in every corner of Memphis, projects, activities and events are all planned. These are just some of the few to look forward to. One Beale Beale […]


New Ballet’s Springloaded captivates Memphis!

New Ballet Ensemble’s Springloaded captivated audiences this past weekend with a powerful repertoire honoring the essence of humanity and a child’s right of passage into adulthood. Seamlessly fusing the dance forms of New Ballet’s professional and student artists […]


The Memphis bicentennial is next month; here’s what to expect!

The Memphis bicentennial, which is the 200th birthday of the city, is May 22, 2019. This day marks an important date in the history of the city and one that will be observed with a lot of hoopla and fanfare. Taking its name from the ancient Egyptian capital on the Nile River, Memphis was […]


Arts to the Zoo: Places for Sparking Creativity in Memphis

Creativity is all around us in Memphis. Our many musical venues are obvious go-to destinations for soaking up creativity, but go looking and you’ll find lots of opportunities for appreciating creatives or being one. Here are some opportunities to help you get inspired. Cover Photo […]


How Music Continues to Shape and Grow Memphis Tourism

There’s no denying it — music defines Memphis. Roam the internet for stories about the nation’s top music cities, and Memphis always seems to make the list. That’s because we’re known as the home of blues, soul, rockabilly and rock ’n’ roll. And don’t ignore the fact that Memphis stays […]


The CLTV: Welcoming Home Black Artists

Here in our very own city of soul, The Collective, otherwise known as The CLTV, operates within its powerful mission to elevate and empower black artists by creating a foundation for artistic development, infrastructure expansion, and social impact of Black artists in Memphis. Through hands-on […]


The entertainment lineup for Celebrate Memphis has been released!

For 42 years, Memphis in May has brought the world to Memphis by saluting the cultures of 38 different countries. But this year, instead of saluting a country, Memphis in May will honor a city. A city with a rich heritage and colorful history. A city whose culture has impacted the world, and is poised […]


5 Attractions & day trips near Memphis!

Let’s be honest. There are a million wonderful things to do in Memphis, which is why we get over 10 million visitors to our city every year. So where do we — as Memphians — go for day trips if we have the time and budget to get away? It’s tough, but here are five […]


Here’s what happened in Memphis for the week of 03/31/2019!

Memphis weekly recap!   How do you #BringYourSoul?   New Bakery development shows significant growth in Memphis The former Wonder Bread Bakery in Memphis is set to become a mixed-use property in the heart of Memphis.   12 Reasons to Stay in Memphis There are easily 1.2 million […]

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