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...to give more than you take, and to change the world around you. It takes soul to be a Memphian. We are a city of doers, dreamers and believers. That’s what drives this unstoppable city. For those who change the world – welcome home.

We are Memphis.
Welcome to our city of soul. Don’t forget to bring yours.



Home to the original change makers of Memphis, South Memphis is where true soul thrives.


The perfect home for millennials and those seeking the exciting parts of life. Central Memphis has everything to build the life you want, get involved, and live out loud.


The history of North Memphis is one of change. From bustling industries to times of struggle, to a new era of people coming together to form communities in which they could thrive.


Primarily outside of the "loop" eastern Memphis includes the Hickory Hill and East Memphis areas. Both are home to major businesses and are easily accessible through the interstate system. East Memphis offers suburban style living with a shorter commute into the city and downtown.


Located in the greater Shelby County region, 6 municipalities ring Memphis: Bartlett, Germantown, Arlington, Millington, Collierville, and Lakeland. Access to these cities and towns is easy using the 385-highway system.


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The best places to travel to this May

The best places to travel to this May

Online | matadornetwork.com | Mar 19, 2019
If you’ve heard rumblings about Memphis making a comeback, there’s no better month to get out and see it than May, when downtown hosts the massive Memphis in May festival.
The Pace of Job Growth Is Accelerating in Memphis, Sacramento, Vegas

The Pace of Job Growth Is Accelerating in Memphis, Sacramento, Vegas

| bloomberg.com | Mar 18, 2019
Memphis, Sacramento, and Las Vegas were the top three large U.S. metro areas in January for job creation compared to their average 10-year employment rate, according to a Bloomberg analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data.
Black Theatres Across the U.S.

Black Theatres Across the U.S.

Online | americantheatre.org | Mar 13, 2019
A listing of arts organizations dedicated to producing stage work about the African American and Black experience, and to developing artists and audiences of color.

Could Memphis be the Silicon Valley of ag?

Online | dailymemphian.com | Mar 13, 2019
Agriculture is a $5 trillion industry that affects everyone, from the foods they eat to the clothes they wear. It has yet to be fully disrupted by technology or innovation, but that’s about to change.
Not just BBQ and blues: inclusive places to visit in Memphis

Not just BBQ and blues: inclusive places to visit in Memphis

Online | lonelyplanet.com | Mar 6, 2019
The city of Memphis is most known for Graceland and other historical haunts like Beale Street. But a recent rise in its millennial population (4th fastest rate in the country, according to TIME) has sparked a revitalization of its arts and culture scene.
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Memphis Bicentennial

For 42 years, Memphis in May has brought the world to Memphis by saluting the cultures of 38 different countries. But this year, instead of saluting a country, Memphis in May will honor a city. A city with a rich heritage and colorful history. A city whose culture has impacted the world, and is […]

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