Make Memphis Moves: Business Relocation

Memphis business relocation has many benefits. Memphis is at the center of global commerce – with an unparalleled multi-modal capability that moves goods to market fast and a B2B culture that supports access to new customers and markets worldwide. With a central location, an abundance of higher education institutions, a large talent pool, and a business-friendly regulatory and tax environment, our city is where technology, science, transportation, service and logistics industries are growing. Just ask our friends at the Greater Memphis Chamber

Location, location, location

Our central North American location makes it a great choice for national manufacturing and operations. Memphis is a legendary distribution hub whether you need to move goods by air, rail, water or land.

Road, rail, runway, and river

We don’t just SAY we move a lot of cargo at Memphis Airport, we can prove it. Our airport is number one among all U.S. airports in total cargo tonnage.  And once the cargo gets here, we have everything you need to get it where it needs to be. We have two interstate highways (I-40 and I-55), five major freight railroads, and the Mighty Mississippi River.

Business relocation incentives

While we continue to nurture Memphis-based businesses and industries, we also want to encourage businesses to make the leap and relocate to Memphis. This city offers a business-friendly tax and regulatory environment, workforce training incentives, and affordable, attractive resources that can help grow your margins. We have a highly networked, deeply engaged B2B community, which can accelerate access to customers and suppliers—locally and globally.

Business relocation to Memphis offers expansion opportunities you won’t find in comparable American cities, with benefits including:

  • Employee training incentives
  • Energy discounts
  • Expedited licensing and permits
  • Financing
  • Infrastructure improvement incentives
  • Tax credits

Project assistance for your business

The Memphis One Stop Shop program can help simplify your project and accelerate your timelines by providing in-depth local and state information. Knowledgeable representatives of Memphis and the state of Tennessee can work with you on a confidential basis to quickly answer questions and address issues involving:

  • Building codes
  • Building sites
  • City and county market data
  • Construction delays
  • Demographic data
  • Fire codes
  • GIS mapping
  • Land sites and acreage
  • Permits
  • Research
  • Statistical information
  • Taxation
  • Transportation access
  • Utilities
  • Zoning

Small and minority-owned business services

The Tennessee Business Enterprise Resource Office (BERO) provides technical, financial and business plan development advice and services. BERO incentives for small and minority-owned companies include assistance with B2B networking, creation of export opportunities and help with procurement, just to name a few.

Let’s get to work!

Tennessee is a Right to Work state, meaning it is unlawful to hire or fire based on affiliation or non-affiliation with unions and other labor organizations. Memphis’ low cost of living and lack of state income tax will appeal to your relocating employees—and with a total labor force of approximately 623,924, the city has no shortage of local job-seekers.

Memphis tech sector grows

The tech industry is making a big impact in the Memphis workforce, with wages increasing more than 15 percent over the last five years. Skilled tech workers are moving to our city in droves to fill the high-wage jobs in the Memphis tech sector. Tech employment has grown by 7.8 percent in the last five years and 35 percent since 2004, with computer systems design and related services leading the charge. Since the tech sector creates more economic spillover than most other industries, this is good news for all of us in Memphis.

Families thrive in Memphis

Memphis has a growing economy and good quality of life, with the vibrancy and culture of a big city and the welcoming feel of a hometown. Families that live and work in towns with higher-education institutions enjoy many advantages—and Memphis has 20 colleges and universities within 40 miles of the city center! This means your employees and their families will have convenient access to:

Now is the time to consider a partnership with the City of Memphis. It’s sure to be a win for you, your business or organization, your employees and their families.

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