Memphis is a great city in which to live and work, with beautiful apartments and neighborhoods located amid a rich culture of art, music and food. Now that you’ve decided to move to Memphis, the next step is finding an apartment that fits your budget and preferences. Here’s the rundown on where to look for quality Memphis apartments:

Downtown Memphis

Just a short distance from the serenity of the Mississippi River, Downtown Memphis is a business mecca during the day and an entertainment hub at night. Although most of the apartments in this area are condos occupied by young, stylish professionals, there’s also a playground to serve the neighborhood’s youngest residents.


Midtown Memphis

The Midtown Memphis neighborhood is located near Overton Park, which is nicknamed “the crown jewel of Midtown”—and for good reason, as the park contains a natural forest, a golf course, a water feature and more. Many apartments here offer views of the greenery as well as close proximity to the areas hottest restaurants and bars.


Harbor Town

Situated next to Downtown Memphis and the Mississippi River, Harbor Town features mostly upscale homes and condos inhabited by  young families, as well as a grocery store and a handful of quality restaurants. This fairly small town-within-a-city is ideal for young couples—and the fact that it’s near Mud Island River Park only sweetens the pot.


East Memphis

The East Memphis area consists of three largely middle-class communities: Germantown, Collierville, and Lakeland. If you’re seeking a suburban feel without a long commute, look no further than these neighborhoods’ beautiful trees, well-manicured grounds, clean environment and overall slower pace. Hikers and nature-lovers will be thrilled to discover that the Shelby Farms Greenline passes right through the middle of East Memphis.

Apartment options in Memphis

If you’re looking for Midtown Memphis apartments:

If you’re seeking Downtown Memphis apartments:

If Harbor Town apartments pique your interest, consider:

If you’re in the market for East Memphis apartments:


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