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We recommend: New Music from Young Avenue Sound

We asked our friends at Young Avenue Sound to suggest a few new tracks we should check out – they came back to us with a list of some of their favorite projects recorded at YAS in the past year. Check out their picks and go behind the scenes to learn a little bit more […]


Pandemic Hero: How Nick Black Adapted his Music to Life in Quarantine

For those of you that aren’t familiar, Nick Black is a beloved local artist that has been playing music around Memphis since his teenage years. And like so many musicians, the pandemic and subsequent quarantine hit him hard. Canceled tour dates and not being able to assemble his band or connect […]


Get To Know Tailored Makers

Who’s in the band and what do you play?  Barbara Imarhia – vocals Tony Forte- all instruments (guitar, bass, drums, piano) How long have you been making music together? We’ve been playing music together for a little over 2 years now. Describe your music in five words: […]


So Memphis, But So Different: 5 Alternative Rappers in Memphis Who Got Now

“Motivated hippie, shooting til dem clips empty/ Peace and love, you see pieces of, these remaining scrubs/ Imma prince, you can see the doves, cry don’t tempt me/ What’s a road to the green without the envy.” – Preauxx “Malcolm 2XX’s” Every so often, us music heads get […]


Exclusive Premiere: Tori WhoDat – “Thru My City”

Just in time for your weekend, we’ve got the exclusive on brand new Tori WhoDat – check out the music video for “Thru My City”!  We asked Tori to tell us a little bit about this song and the story behind the video, produced and directed in collaboration with Street Savvy Unlimited and Iconick […]


Memphis Music: Our 10 Favorite Recent Releases

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of a good time. That’s the Memphis way. Typically we wouldn’t have to look farther than the HiTone or DKDC, but times are changing. As a result of coronavirus and social distancing protocols, many of us may have undoubtedly found ourselves wandering off the beaten […]


Stax Academy Alumni

It’s no secret that Memphis has given the world some of its more iconic hits and musicians. Whether it’s the blues, R&B, rap, rock-and-roll, or that signature soulful sound, Memphis is a home where melodies are made. A big part of that legacy is Stax Records, where big names such […]


This is Memphis Soul and R&B: curated by Tonya Dyson

Music has always been a huge part of my life from the time I was born. Growing up on steady portions of gospel from the church and soul music from the vinyl records that were found in my home, I developed a love that eventually led me to move to Memphis. I was born and […]


5 Questions with Marco Pavé

Marco Pavé is a native Memphian, gifted storyteller, and standout musician. Since 2012 when he released his first series of freestyle rap videos, he’s been performing and creating within the local hip hop scene and sharing his passion for Memphis, Black folks, and all things music. […]


The New Memphis Sound with David Porter

When legendary, GRAMMY-winning Stax Records singer-songwriter David Porter founded The Consortium MMT in 2012, his goal was to use his career success as a “door-opener” for the next generation of Memphis talent. “What hasn’t changed since the start of my career to now is the […]


5 Questions with Tia Henderson

Tia Henderson is a singer-songwriter based in Memphis, TN. With a melodic style that fuses both Jazz and R&B, Tia’s sound is sure to bring you emotion with a message. She’s performed all over the world and is currently on tour with Tank and the Bangas. For fans of Aretha Franklin, Jazmine […]


What Have We Learned From 4 Decades of Memphis Hip-Hop?

Ratta. Tatta. Ratta. Tatta. Ratta. Tatta. Boom.  Imagine the year is 1993, and you and the homies pull up to Crystal Palace in your mom’s 87’ Cutlass Supreme. Your high-top curl with the V-shape line up is freshly chopped by Napoleon’s Barber Shop in Smokey City. That one gold tooth is […]