WAMM in Rotation: 5 Songs for May ’24

Memphis music is truly unstoppable. Each month welcomes more and more incredible new projects. Here are just 5 we’re highlighting for May that we’ve had on repeat:

MonoNeon ft. George Clinton – “Quilted!”


One thing’s for sure, there’s no shortage of funk in musician MonoNeon’s music. But if y’all had any doubts, he kicked it up a WHOLE notch by enlisting none other than funk legend George Clinton for his latest single, “Quilted”. The duo are just as fly as you’d imagine, trading catchy verses over a groovy bassline. The best part? The hook goes “Look at me mane!” and that’s Memphis as fuck.

Bartholomew Jones ft. PreauXX and AWFM – “Gold On Me”

In last month’s “WAMM In Rotation,” I wrote, “what’s better than one Memphis powerhouse on a track? Two.” and I’m here to admit, I was wrong. Because the only thing that’s better than one Memphis powerhouse on a track isn’t two – it’s three. Case in point: “Gold On Me.” The track finds musician (and Cxffeeblack founder) Bartholomew Jones linking up with fellow Memphis rappers PreauXX and A Weirdo From Memphis and together they create an unstoppable, play-this-at-full-volume anthem. “Gold On Me” has been on repeat since it came out, and that doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon.

Mulherin – “Blue Moon”

It’s been two years since Memphis duo Mulherin has released new music, but lucky for us the short hiatus is over. This month (thankfully!) they returned with their infectious new single, “Blue Moon.” The track features bouncy, dance-ready production over which the brothers layer their perfectly harmonious vocals. If the rest of their new music is as strong as this one, then the two year wait was absolutely worth it.

Rose Gold Jones – “Beautiful Things Don’t Ask For Attention”

Earlier this month, musician Rose Gold Jones dropped a mysterious trailer for his new album. It was the perfect teaser, intriguing enough to make you pay attention without giving away what’s to come on the actual LP. But now Jones has released the full project and it definitely lives up to the hype. Beautiful Things Don’t Ask For Attention is an impressive collection, featuring vibed out, surreptitious production and Jones’ effortlessly flowing verses. Beautiful Things Don’t Ask For Attention is his debut album on his self-founded independent label, so it’s safe to say this is only the beginning of promising releases from the Memphis musician.

Aaron James – “The Last Day of the Cold”

Allow me to paint a picture for you. It’s a beautiful sunny day; warm but with a cooling breeze so it’s not too muggy. You’re laying on a blanket in a park with your headphones on, fully relaxed and unbothered. What song are you listening to? If your answer is anything other than Aaron James’ “The Last Day of the Cold,” I hate to tell ya but, you’re wrong. The Memphis songwriter’s latest single is the perfect soundtrack to this exact scenario: beautifully light, airy, and carefree. It’s a must-add to your summer playlist.

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