We Memphians have a little swagger in our step. Our town is home to world famous music, the best food, and that little something extra that pushes us over the edge.

Some Memphis facts: it is where Elvis got his start and B.B. King earned his crown. It’s a place of artistic convergence, where Justin Timberlake and Al Green found their sound, and Beale Street lights call out to creatives from across the country.

The Bluff City is more than that. Memphis has soul, absolute sincerity and a strong sense of self.

We’ve got a lot to be proud of in Memphis. We know who and what we are―and now it’s your turn to find out.

Who lives in Memphis?

We are one of the top cities for millennial population growth, with a 9.5% increase between 2010 and 2015. 652,717 people call Memphis home. They’re people from all walks of life who are part of a thriving community that values diversity and kindness.

According to the United States Census Bureau:

  • More than 50% of the people living in Memphis are female
  • More than 60% of the population is African American
  • More than 6% of Memphians were born in another country
  • Only about 10% of the population is 65 or older

We’re a young city (our median age is 34.1) that’s full of energy and vitality. We’re also rolling out the welcome mat for professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, musicians and anyone else who believes in the personal power to create positive change. For those who change the world – welcome home.

Who works in Memphis?

If you’re looking for a job, look in Memphis.

According to a recent study, Memphis ranked as one of the top 10 cities in the country for job seekers. The study considered job security and advancement, job market favorability, work-life balance and salary. In fact, our unemployment rate of 4.3% (as of June 2017) has been steadily dropping for years and is below the national average.

And when you combine that with the low cost of living (houses, health care, groceries and getting around cost a lot less in Memphis), we live very well down here beside the river.

Where do people work in Memphis?

Memphis is open for business. We’re one of the hottest cities in the country for startups, with venture funds, accelerators and incubators launching new success stories every year. We’re home to some big-time employers, including international powerhouses FedEx and ServiceMaster, who both run startup centers in the city. Here in Memphis we don’t just encourage innovation, we wrap our arms around it, nurturing and protecting it like a mama grizzly bear.

FedEx, which has been headquartered in Memphis for nearly 50 years, puts 30,000 people to work in the city every day. Another 16,000 people work in the Memphis public school system. And then we’ve got Methodist Healthcare, International Paper, AutoZone, ServiceMaster, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a slew of colleges and universities and all of the government agencies you can imagine.


But there’s more: Memphis has a thriving tourism industry, is attracting tech startups and entrepreneurs, and of course its entertainment industry is alive and kicking.

So, where do people work in Memphis? Everywhere.

What is the job market like in Memphis?

Memphis is one of the fastest growing cities in America, and it has a job market to match. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in Memphis hit a low of 4.4 percent in March 2018.

In addition to the low unemployment rate, the average cost of living for people in Memphis is significantly lower than what you will find in many other cities. More specifically, the Memphis cost of living is 17 percent lower than the national average, according to PayScale.

Who comes from Memphis?

Some—but by no means all—of the famous people who have at one point have called Memphis home include:

  • Elvis Presley, whose Graceland mansion is still a major Memphis tourist attraction to this day
  • Morgan Freeman
  • Justin Timberlake
  • Cybill Shepherd
  • Elise Neal
  • Kathy Bates

Is Memphis art-friendly?

Memphis is a city known for blues, rock ‘n’ roll and some of the most seminal recording studios in modern music history. That said, you don’t have to head to Beale St. or Graceland to experience art in Memphis, as the city’s array of public art installations offer a sense of playful creativity wherever you look. Some of the must-see places to enjoy public art in Memphis include the South Main Arts District, the Main Street Pedestrian Mall, Overton Square and Crosstown.

Whether you’re looking to start a business, follow in the footsteps of famous names or simply enjoy some art, Memphis is the place for you.

Fast figures and fun facts about Memphis

OK, now that you know a little bit about our city, it’s time to look at some numbers:

  • Average commute time: 22 minutes (below national average)
  • Number of colleges and universities in Memphis: 6
  • Average high and low temperatures: 72.4 F, 53.6 F
  • Average monthly rent: $849
  • Median home price: $150,000
  • Amount we pay in state income tax: $0
  • Recent percentage increase in female-owned businesses in Memphis: 116

Official Memphis facts and figures

We’re pretty proud of our River City―and you would be too if you lived here.

So why not take our advice and come check out Memphis? In the meantime, here are some more facts and figures from official sources:

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