5 Ways To Rebuild Good Habits

2020 and the pandemic, quarantine, political and social unrest, and overall constant state of uncertainty and anxiety has had a deep impact on the lives and good habits that we have all been trying to maintain over the years. Long periods of staying inside, isolating ourselves, and living more in the virtual world than in […]


$1 Billion in New Renovations for FedEx

Memphis is growing—and one of the most exciting upcoming projects will be coming to the Memphis International Airport. A $1 billion renovation of the FedEx Super Hub has just begun, starting in March 2019 and finishing in 2025. This is only one of the major renovations going on around Memphis International. Image source: The […]


Modernizations for Memphis International Airport

Memphis International Airport is about to see major renovations, aimed at modernizing the airport. From larger boarding areas to brand new direct destinations, Memphis residents can look forward to some significant improvements. What’s coming to the Memphis International Airport? Improvements to the airport include: moving walkways, wider corridors, larger boarding areas, higher ceilings and natural […]


The Future of the Memphis Riverfront

A city is built on its industry. Industry brings people to a town for jobs and keeps them there to create a strong economy, and then the people bring the culture. So when ServiceMaster announced that it would be staying in Memphis, setting up shop downtown in order to draw on the local workforce, that was good […]