With so much information to sift through, there’s an art to planning a trip to Memphis. Where to stay? What to do? Where to eat? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the exciting options. Luckily, we know the River City like the back of our hand and are here to help.

No fake or phony here. Memphis deliver authentic experiences and the word is getting out, with a plethora of attractions, culinary and cultural options, and exciting places to stay. Most importantly, we’re known for our hospitality and we welcome people like you from around the world every day. Let’s get started on planning your visit to Memphis.


Whether you want to stay close to the action, near a favorite attraction, or somewhere historic, there’s a perfect lodging option for you. Memphis offers something for everyone, from five-star accommodations to comfortable options that won’t break the bank.


Memphis is a big city, but don’t let that intimidate you. We’ve got you covered with all the maps you’ll need to find attractions, parking, hotels, dining spots and more.


Whether you’re traveling by foot, car, bike, or just looking for a good walking tour, having the right transportation information is essential for a smooth trip. Memphis is Uber and Lyft friendly, making it easy to get around even if it’s your first time visiting. You can also use taxi cabs or take a ride on the riverboat on the Mississippi River.

Nightlife and events

Looking for live music? You won’t have to look far once you’re here.

With so much going on in Memphis, it might be easy for you to miss something—unless you check out this list of nightlife and events, that is.

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