Memphis has always marched to its own beat. Pyramid in the skyline? Barbecue in an alley? Dancing ducks in a lobby? If we believe in it, we’re doing it. There’s always something new and exciting to do, someone with a story to tell, and an idea being put into motion around here – that’s what gives Memphis soul, and we’re proud of that. Stay in the loop by checking out what’s new and trending in Memphis, and don’t forget to share your story, too.

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How Memphis Entrepreneurs Are Handling COVID-19

If you’re reading this, you’re probably home due to the city-wide shutdown from COVID-19 or as many Memphians call it “The Rona”. We’re currently witnessing a new normal; a new normal for work, education, family gatherings, and events. But, for many Memphis small business owners and entrepreneurs, the COVID-19 has hit hard. Many have shut […]


Epicenter Small Business Resources to Aide the COVID-19 Crisis

The wonderful and supportive team at Epicenter Memphis have aggregated a list of resources and support for our local entrepeneurs, business owners and startups to aide us during the current health crisis. Please reference the following resources (and share with any local business!): Epicenter’s COVID-19 Business Support Form: Please fill out this form so the […]


Memphian Spotlight: DJ Pryor

We doubt you can get your kids on his waiting list, but DJ Pryor is the new principal at Memphis Daddy Day Care. #RealTalk His adorable—and hilarious—viral video has been viewed 57 million times across social media. It also showcases the role that millennial dads are playing in young households. Psychological research from families across […]


Tomorrows Memphis: Why future companies are flocking to Memphis

Memphis is known for its historical and contemporary roots in music, culture, food, and undeniable beauty. The “Birthplace of Rock and Roll” has as much a storied history in the economic sector as it does in the entertainment space, and as the chapter turns with the decade, so does the focus shift to the future […]


What Memphians Can Do From Home While Social-Distancing

#TheRona has made it to Memphis and Shelby County which has caused for thousands of people to work from home, cancel social gatherings and events in an attempt to #FlattenTheCurve by social distancing and self-isolating themselves in their homes. We’re not sure when this tide will subside. However, we can get over this hump together […]