Exploring the Suburbs of Memphis: Cordova, Bartlett, Lakeland, Arlington, Collierville, and Germantown

Memphis is not just a city; it’s a region rich with diverse and vibrant suburbs, each offering its unique charm and amenities. Let’s take a closer look at six prominent Memphis suburbs: Cordova, Bartlett, Lakeland, Arlington, Collierville, and Germantown!


Cordova is a bustling suburb known for its family-friendly atmosphere and convenient location. Situated northeast of Memphis, Cordova blends suburban living with easy access to the city. It boasts numerous shopping centers, including the expansive Wolfchase Galleria, and a variety of dining options. Families appreciate the good schools and nearby numerous parks. Cordova also features a mix of housing options, from modern apartments to spacious single-family homes.


Located directly to the north of Memphis, Bartlett is a historic suburb with a strong sense of community. Known for its well-maintained neighborhoods and excellent public schools, Bartlett is ideal for families seeking a suburban lifestyle with city conveniences. The Bartlett Performing Arts and Conference Center and the city’s numerous parks, like the sprawling W.J. Freeman Park, provide ample recreational opportunities. Bartlett also hosts various community events, including the popular Bartlett Festival.


Lakeland, a small yet rapidly growing suburb to the northeast of Memphis, offers a peaceful, small-town feel with the benefits of proximity to the city. Known for its excellent school district and family-oriented environment, Lakeland attracts those looking for a quiet, community-centric lifestyle. The suburb features numerous lakes and parks, providing plenty of outdoor recreational activities. The upcoming development of The Lake District is set to bring even more shopping, dining, and entertainment options to the area.


Arlington, situated further northeast, is one of the fastest-growing suburbs of Memphis. It retains a charming, rural feel while offering modern amenities. Known for its excellent schools and tight-knit community, Arlington hosts several family-friendly events throughout the year, such as the Arlington in April festival and the Star Spangled Celebration.


Collierville, located to the southeast of Memphis, is often praised for its picturesque town square and high quality of life. The suburb is known for its upscale neighborhoods, top-rated schools, and numerous parks and green spaces. Collierville’s historic downtown area is a charming spot filled with boutique shops, restaurants, and community events. The suburb has been recognized as one of the best places to live in the United States, thanks to its blend of small-town charm and modern amenities.


Germantown, directly to the east of Memphis, is synonymous with luxury and affluence. This suburb is renowned for its excellent schools, beautiful parks, and high-end shopping and dining options. Germantown’s commitment to maintaining a high quality of life is evident in its well-planned infrastructure and community services. The suburb hosts several annual events, including the Germantown Festival, which features arts, crafts, and entertainment. The Germantown Performing Arts Center is a cultural hub, offering a variety of performances and events throughout the year.

Each suburb of Memphis offers its unique blend of community, amenities, and lifestyle options. Whether you’re looking for the convenience of suburban living close to city amenities or the tranquility of a smaller town with a strong sense of community, the suburbs of Cordova, Bartlett, Lakeland, Arlington, Collierville, and Germantown have something to offer everyone.

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