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Old Dominick Distillery started as a whiskey produced by Domenico Canale and sold by his food wholesale company, D. Canale & Co. In 1880, Canale developed a bourbon-based cordial that eventually became one of his most popular liquors. While the family no longer owns the original business, Chris and Alex Canale, Domenico’s great-great-grandsons, are rejuvenating his legacy.

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What makes Old Dominick Distillery so special?

The discovery of an old bottle of Old Dominick Toddy inspired Chris and Alex to open Old Dominick Distillery in 2016. The building, which is reminiscent of times long past, has vintage furnishings that will take you back to the old days before Prohibition, when whiskey flowed like water and no one was a stranger. The first bottle of Old Dominick whiskey produced in the new distillery was the first that was legally produced in the state since the end of Prohibition. The rich taste of the whiskey and the rich history of the Canale family blend together to make to make Old Dominick one of the most unique distilleries in Tennessee.

Take a tour

Old Dominick Distillery offers tours of the distillery on a regular basis. Each tour gives you an inside look as to how the spirits are produced and the lengths to which the company goes to ensure that each batch of their booze is of the highest possible quality. On days that the distillery hosts a private event, the last tour normally starts at 2 p.m.

Dinner? Drinks? Late-night adventures with friends?

If you want to go out on the town and spend time in one of the most unique bars in all of Memphis, Old Dominick is the place for you. You can host a private event or go on a night when it’s open to the public. Have fun! Cut loose and enjoy a little bit of history with a couple of shots of genuine Tennessee whiskey.

When you visit Old Dominick Distillery, you are taking a step back into history. The Canale family and the city of Memphis have been through thick and thin together, and both have come out shining. If you’re visiting the Memphis area, stop by and “Share a Sip of Pure Memphis” with the staff of Old Dominick Distillery. Cheers!


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