5 Top Spots to Eat Vegan in Memphis

Foodies in Memphis know that it takes more than meat to make the meal. Some of the greatest culinary escapes in Bluff City are meatless, exotic, and creative, proving that even BBQ and short ribs can sometimes be overshadowed by authentic vegan Saka Saka, and Buffalo Tempeh! Do yourself a favor and check out these unique and delectable offerings that these 5 Vegan restaurants offer. Here are 5 standout Vegan Restaurants found in Memphis. Enjoy!

Bala’s Bistro

Image Courtesy of Restaurant

Bala’s Bistro is an African American restaurant that has a fantastic and extensive vegan menu!  Some of their Vegan offerings include the Vegan Saka Saka, Curry Rout Vegetable Stew, Kimchi wraps, and veggie burgers!

From the Restaraunt: “Bala’s Bistro offers the best of both African and American cuisines. Visit our restaurant at Memphis, Tennessee to experience a diverse, cultural experience with our selection of meals.”

Location: 2160 East Raines Rd. Memphis, Tennessee 38116

Contact: (901) 509-3024 | Social: https://facebook.com/balasbistro 

Global Community Cafe

Image Courtesy of Restaurant

The Global Community Cafe’s core mission is to introduce Memphians and foodies alike to the cuisine and culture of the refugee and immigrant communities that play a strong role in the culture of Bluff City. On top of the incredible mission and inherent kindness that comes free of charge, Global Cafe has a score of delectable Vegan options that represent countries and cultures from around the world; tastes and recipes from Syria and Venezuela are crafted into delicious food, made by Chefs from these countries.  

From the Restaraunt: “Global Café, an international food hall, hosts three immigrant/refugee food entrepreneurs cooking and selling an eclectic mix of affordably priced dishes from their home countries. Try authentic dishes from Syria, Sudan, and Venezuela all under one roof!”

Location: Crosstown Concourse, 1350 Concourse Avenue, Suite 157, Memphis, TN 38104

Contact: (901) 512-6890 | Social: http://www.facebook.com/GlobalCafeMemphis

City Silo Table + Pantry

Image Courtesy of Restaurant

City Silo Table + Pantry focuses on fresh, organic, and locally sourced produce as part of the ingredients. Some of the local offerings include Cosmic juice and smoothie recipes, however, the rebranded restaurant also offers buffalo tempeh & cauliflower wraps, black bean burgers, quinoa salads, smoothie bowls, and wellness lattes. 

From the Restaraunt: “From Gluten-Free to Vegan, To Carnivore, City Silo offers something for everyone. With the intention of offering food that appeals to all taste buds, diets, and bodies, our menu is aimed to create an inclusive dining experience for all. Whether you have food allergies, Dietary Restrictions, or eat anything under the sun, all will feel welcome here at City Silo.”

Location: 5101 Sanderlin Ave. SUITE 104, Memphis, TN 38137

Contact: (901) 729-7687 | Social: https://www.facebook.com/citysilo/

 Slider Inn

Image Courtesy of Restaurant

A staple of the Memphis food scene, Slider Inn offers more than just tiny burgers. Vegetarians and Vegans will be delighted by the plant-based options – from marinated mushroom caps, hummus, and chickpea patties, to nuts and berries, there are many options that will enhance your taste buds and keep you coming back for seconds.

From the Restaraunt: “Our Mouth-watering sliders, fresh Maine lobster rolls, and cold craft beer selection, Jameson Slushies, and Pet-Friendly Patios will keep you coming back again and again!”

Location: 363 Mulberry St. Memphis, Tennessee, 38103

Contact: (901) 729-6900 | Social: https://www.facebook.com/SliderInn/

Raw Girls

Image Courtesy of Restaurant

Raw Girls is best known for offering detoxing cleanses, and fresh-pressed juices, however, their unique style of food preparation expands the palette and entices you to try something new and delicious. Try the Tuscan Vegetable Soup, Curry Dahl, Chana Marsala, and Fresh Thai Chopped Salad for starters. Make sure you save some room for dessert, as Raw Girls offers a score of delicious plant-based desserts to top off an already incredible meal.

From the Restaraunt: “Each week, Amy Pickle (CIA trained chef) and Hannah Pickle of Raw Girls, create a box of prepared, vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, processed food free, organic, low-calorie raw foods that includes savory soups, gourmet entrées, side dishes, and two delicious desserts. Our box offers you healthy meals that you can bring to work or have waiting for you when you return home.”

Location: 242 Cooper St, Memphis, TN 38112 

Contact: (901) 496-0755 | Social: https://www.facebook.com/rawgirlsmemphis   

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