Black History Month Spotlight: Five Questions with Photographer Tavis “Trendin”

By Brianna Smith-Herman

Tavis “Trendin” Harvey was born in Detroit Michigan and moved around a bit before settling down in Memphis with his mom, dad and younger sister. He attended Cordova Middle and High School and started at the University of Memphis before realizing it just wasn’t for him. Which led him to begin his photography career… Now, you can catch Tavis’ photos of Jaren Jackson Jr. in the GQ February edition.

In honor of Black History Month, we sat down with Tavis Trendin to bring you five questions with the celebrity photographer.

How did you get into photography?

I knew I had an interest for photography when I would take videos on my phone at parties and events, and then one day I took a chance and bought one of my friend’s old cameras. I always wanted one but growing up purchasing a camera felt so far away financially. So when I finally could afford it I was overly excited and I went for it! 

How does Memphis influence your photography?

Memphis influences my photography by giving me that grit n grind energy everyday! It motivates me to work hard in this city. The people I’ve worked with have been amazing and the city just pushes me to see and do more daily. 

What is your favorite part about taking photos for Jaren Jackson Jr. and The Memphis Grizzlies?

Jaren and I have a friendship outside of me just being his photographer, so it’s basically just like taking pictures of a friend. You know that’s my homie! And the best part about taking photos at all The Grizzlies Games is that I have season tickets in a good spot and I always get to experience one of my best buds play up close. And I love the feeling, the energy of Memphis at every game. It’s pretty cool. I also am good with others on the team. Ja shows love frequently. Desmond, Dillion and Brandon Clarke the homies too.

What has been the biggest highlight you’ve experienced in your career so far? 

The biggest highlight in my career is just simply being successful in photography. I treat all my clients like celebrities because they could be working with whoever but I’ve been blessed to work with many high-profile people up to this point. It’s just good vibes all around being able to provide visual memories for others.

Do you have a favorite place to shoot in Memphis? Do you have a favorite style of photography?

My favorite place to shoot is at Canvas studios. That’s where I do a lot of my studio-based shoots. Also, that studio has played a huge part in my career; It’s where I learned how to shoot manually, and the quality I get from studio shoots helps me reach a new audience of customers. I love all styles of photography! I’m a real visionary. I love to get behind the camera.

Stay tuned for Tavis Trendin Sports Posters and Photoalbum that will be dropping this spring.  The posters and albums will feature his favorite film and digital photography. When Tavis isn’t taking photos, he’s making music… be sure to check out Tavis’ music at Tavis Trendin’s Music.

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