Kristen is a creative photographer working with aspects of hair, makeup, set design, and more.
With a passion for photography, Kristen focuses on making photographs that ask a lot of questions.  “Kinda like surrealism. I like people to ask how and why as I create the mystery around the photos.”

Kristen began her career with a simple start at a young age. “I started on a polaroid camera back when I was 10-11 years old. My grandmother gave it to me. And once my parents saw how passionate I was, they got me a DSLR back when I was 13. It’s one thing to take pictures, but then to see it in print is amazing.”

In an effort to pursue her passion and master her craft, Kristen began educating herself, and her thirst for knowledge in photography only grew as she learned more. “I’ve studied all the photographers that I could. It’s become an obsession because even when I’m out I’m thinking I need to be home planning my next project. My photography really stepped up when I got to college because I learned more technical aspects (Camera Raw, etc.).”

Memphis as Inspiration

Kristen told us that she has hope for what Memphis will become. “Memphis is becoming less about what happened in the past and more about what Memphis could be in the future. Crosstown really inspires me how it was an abandoned Sears building, and now there are artists there.” She told us that she enjoys the idea of taking something that was not being used and making it useful. “The people of Memphis inspire me, and it seems in the past 5 years younger people are stepping out to create something new. The drive that the young people have here is something that I haven’t really seen in any other cities.”

What does Bring Your Soul mean to you?

“Be yourself, stay true to who you are and don’t compare yourself to other people. Not to impersonate others but being yourself is truly being true to your soul.”  For the people of Memphis, Bring your soul means “working your hardest, not being afraid of what others have to say especially if it’s coming from a place to make you better. What’s going to make the city better and if you’re the best Memphis can look better. Don’t be afraid to get your feelings hurt when it’s just to make the city better. “

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