Soul Is: Maddison Wilson Photography

At We Are Memphis, we’re all inspiring others to bring and share their souls with the city. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to start a new local business, a musician who’s ready to rock out with some of the best artists in the world, or a creative with an eye for capturing your unique perspective, we’re here to inspire you to be your most authentic self. Memphis’ Soul can’t be defined with just a few words. Soul is change, innovation, ingenuity, creativity, and so much more. 

If you’ve seen our latest billboards around town, you’ll see photos from some of Memphis’ photographers. From families and couples to artists and activists, all of these moments embody that iconic Memphis Soul. 

Want to learn more about the creative behind the lens? Keep reading! 

What inspired you to be a photographer? 

I was a student of art to begin with. My parents had enrolled me into classes like painting, abstract, etc when I was a child. I used to use that as a means to express my emotions and also to etch my memories on a canvas. As life happened, I had to work various jobs over the years but I always felt a void in me that I could do more and connect with people in a more personal way and that is when I made the switch to photography and have never looked back ever since. Photography is my love and my life !!

What inspires you to capture Memphis and Memphians the way you do? 

I am a Memphian and  I feel that there is so much soul and passion in this city – from its amazing downtown views, to its food and music and the amazing people that make this not only a city, but home. What my aim is to showcase Memphis in its true beauty. 901 for the win!

How do you put your soul into your work? What do you hope others take away from it? 

 I always try to keep a balance between professional and fun times in my work. I always strive to make my clients be very comfortable when on shoots and I do bring a bit of my humor and prompts that bring out so much joy and some great pictures. I also love to experiment using various poses and props which folks really appreciate. I really hope in the end that everyone has a good time and we get some great pictures that are forever a memory in time.

 Share your favorite moment during the shoot that resulted in the picture we’re sharing

This shoot was so much fun! The kids were really sweet and actually, the kids in the picture are brothers and the older brother was barely a year older than the younger one and he is making the latter one laugh by playing peekaboo. They were laughing at themselves as they were doing it faster each and every time and what is when I got that perfect snap.

How has Memphis allowed you to come into your own as an artist? What advice do you have for other up-and-coming artists? 

I have met some amazing photographers and models too in the Memphis community who have very much helped me in mastering the craft of photography and helping me in directing the models and I am proud and happy to call them as my friends. There is so much to learn and much more to do and I love that I got the chance to be something I dream of.

I started my photography business barely 8 months ago and the amount of love and success I got in this short time is something I never thought was possible. So to all the newbies and the upcoming photo geeks out there –  Do not let people tell what you can and cannot do. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and support you and use the negativity as fuel to only motivate you more to pursue your dream of becoming an established photographer.

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