Sustainable Businesses in Memphis to Support This Earth Month

This April is Earth Month, with the 22nd marking Earth Day. It’s been 53 years since this day became a holiday, and we wanted to highlight some of the Memphis brands working to improve this planet. Here are local shops and initiatives you should check out!

Sol & Co

Sol & Co. is a Memphis clothing brand that uses recycled materials and ethical practices to make their goods, such as tees, hats, and more. Buy some of your favorite basics from them now online.


Project Green Fork

Project Green Fork is a little different compared to others on the list, as it’s more of a directory of restaurants around the city with green initiatives. It’s a great resource for finding out more about the places you love, like Central BBQ and the Beauty Shop, and their aims for sustainable practices.

Downtown Yoga Memphis

Downtown Yoga Memphis has an online and in-person shop where you can purchase eco-friendly mats and other yoga materials. Plus, these mats were also made by local artists so you can support the 901 in more ways than one.


Downtown Candle Co.

Downtown Candle Co. makes their candles and other home good products with clean materials, like their candles with soybean wax, cedar wood wicks, and essential oils for “toxin-free” enjoyment. They also sell bath bars and room sprays if you want to treat yourself to a little R&R.

Memphis Transformed

Memphis Transformed aims to make the city cleaner and zero net waste. You can help to support their efforts through volunteering or creating your own campaign. Just check out their site to learn more.

2 Chicks and a Broom

2 Chicks and a Broom is a company that works with residences and commercial brands for eco-friendly cleaning and environmentally-responsible products. They focus on providing high-quality work that isn’t damaging to the environment or their customers.

Urban Earth

One way Urban Earth aims to make the world greener is by transforming your yard with natural foliage. It’s proven that indoor and outdoor plants are environmentally friendly, promoting better air and providing nutrients to nearby animals. Check them out to grab some of your own greenery soon.


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