The Rusty Pieces

The Rusy Pieces truly is a quintessential band that hails from Memphis. Of course, you’ll find a number of higher profile acts from the city that now tour internationally. However, for every one of these larger profile bands you’ll find a number of smaller bands with just as much skill and musical prowess, but who enjoy the smaller, almost underground scene better. That is exactly what you’ll discover with The Rusty Pieces (and really, with a name like The Rusty Pieces, would you expect anything other than a great underground band?).

The Rusty Pieces

The early years of The Rusty Pieces

The band is on the newer side of musical acts. Weston Eric Sherman was home in Columbus, Ohio, when Jessi returned to the city from Memphis to spend time with family. Despite growing up just one block from each other the two had never actually met until one faithful September evening with Jessi back in town. The two just happened to be at the same karaoke bar and, as luck would have it, they discovered each other in the process.

At first, there was the initial physical attraction between the two, but they also discovered each other’s love for soulful blues music. From there, long story short, the two fell both in love and into musical sync with one another. Since then, the two now live in Memphis and have formed the band The Rusty Pieces.

Performing together

The group now performs their music, which they refer to as soulful bluesy pop, around the city of Memphis and beyond. They also regularly return to Columbus, Ohio where they play both for working professionals in the state capital, and for the local college scene.

The two are still fine-tuning their own music for an eventual album release, although they have said they are not necessarily in a rush to put out a debut album (although Jessi has worked on, recorded, and released five independent albums with four different bands over the years). Right now they are growing together musically as they craft both their current tunes while mixing it up with covers.

The duo has become a popular musical attraction around Memphis, and you can catch them around town throughout the week. You can also catch some of their more recent performances and music videos of their own songs both on their website and through their YouTube channel.

Booking for live performances

The Rusty Pieces is always up for a new gig and for performing in a different venue. With so many fantastic destinations around Memphis it truly is impossible to run out of new places to explore and to perform. If you’d like to check them out during one of their performances make sure to stay up to date on what they are up to by visiting their website.

If you’re interested in booking The Rusty Pieces for your own event, bar, or to perform at a different gathering altogether, you can contact them through their website. You can also contact The Rusty Pieces directly through their Facebook page. Jessi Dalton is the duo’s booking agent, so when you message them through Facebook you will talk with her directly (Weston isn’t the social media type, so most of the posts put up on one of the band’s pages will be done by Jessi).

And even if you don’t have the need for a live performance but just love the music, feel free to reach out simply to say hi!


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