Meet B. Sims, the Memphis-born Singer Songwriter Taking the Industry by Storm

As the new year has begun and resolutions are settling in, there are a number of artists that are already working toward their goals for the new year. One of these artists is none other than local singer-songwriter B. Sims. The Memphis-born artist has already accomplished a number of impressive career landmarks, such as writing for Eric Bellinger, having hits appear on hit shows like The Chi, P. Valley, and Empire, and even becoming a Grammy-nominated songwriter. However, he says it won’t stop there as he tells us exactly how his accolades have gotten him where he is today and what’s next for him on his journey.

As a 15-year-old attending Ridgeway High School, B. Sims said he found himself eager to engage in all things music early on. Being surrounded by so many talented musicians at such a young age eventually landed him a spot in a singing group alongside his friends and classmates. While many of the group members were still in high school, one of them just happened to be in college and doing a lot of traveling back and forth to Atlanta. His series of trips got B. Sims and other group members in connection with pretty big names in the music industry, one of them being Dallas Austin. Eventually, the talented young man went on to attend MTSU, and it was at that point that the group began to fizzle out. However, that didn’t stop B. Sims from containing to pursue his passion. While attending MTSU, he was surrounded by a huge musical program, countless musicians, and endless learning opportunities, although he wasn’t technically a part of the program. He went on to take his musical skills to the next level by exploring production, engineering, and writing.

Having grown up in the musical Mecca of Memphis, the now-veteran artist has been able to reflect on the impact it had on him and how his success ties back to the cultural legacy of the city. “Memphis has always been a music city, and we kind of got a cheat code when it comes to music.“ Not only did it play a role in his sound, but Memphis also played a significant role in his ability to stay in touch with the music scene. While musicians in other cities may have trouble getting into the industry, B. Sims explained that those obstacles were feasier t navigate in Memphis. “It was always easy for me to find a way to do what I was into. In Memphis almost everybody had a studio. So many people had them at their houses,” he says. In addition to the city’s remarkable ability to keep him immersed in music, it was also his very own drive and ambition that pushed him as well. Upon his arrival in L.A., he developed a number of relationships with other musicians and began to make his dream become a reality. When asked what moment or event he felt contributed most to his success, B. Sims stated“ It ain’t no moment, it’s just an accumulation of things…it’s staying consistent and persistent.”

Aside from opportunity and a fulfilled journey, B. Sims had much to say about his passion for music and his creative process. “I’ve written in every way there is. I like to consider myself a super co-writer.” B. Sims stated that while he is comfortable writing solo, he feeds off of others’ energy and their reactions to the music. Hence why he stated that his favorite person to work with is Eric Bellinger. “He’s the coldest at writing urban music and he’s a great team ball player.” He recalled several times in which Eric Bellinger has been inclusive when it comes to the two of them collaborating with others in the studio. He also revealed that he gained a lot of knowledge from being in such a position. B. Sims discussed his ability to be assertive in such a field. “You really gotta know yourself. If you know yourself, you can check yourself from aggression. Finding the balance between the two allows you to go after whatever it is that you want.“ This wasn’t the only encouraging advice that he was able to give others who are looking to pursue a career in songwriting. “You can’t wait on contacts, can’t wait on opportunities, you gotta just keep on writing and doing whatever you can because it ain’t no recipe,“ he said.

What’s next for the singer-songwriter’s journey you may ask? While he says that he’s currently working on new music for artists like Trey Songz and Chris Brown, he is also stepping into a new side of his career that is allowing him to explore other sides of the music industry. He is now co-head of music at a company called The Code, where he is partnering with artists to create more music magic. He is working to help artists develop their sound, including artist and singer Johnni Blaze. Furthermore, he’s working on an Afro island project with another artist, working on dropping a few songwriting platforms online, and even working on a producer platform called “The Lab,” which is the world’s first A&R curated beat store. This new chapter of his life is allowing him to explore his talents even more than before. B. Sims continues to represent Memphis remarkably well, and we hope that you continue to support him and all of his endeavors!

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