Best Brunch Spots in Memphis!

Spring is right around the corner and any Memphian knows that means patio season is approaching! The best way to enjoy the warmer weather? Heading out for brunch! Looking for the best brunch in Memphis? We’ve got you covered!

The Beauty Shop 

If you’re in Midtown, you’re not going to want to miss out on one of the best brunch spots in Memphis. Not only do they have a killer cocktail program, but they have some of the most unique (and delicious) brunch menus in the city. You can stick with a classic mimosa or spice it up with pineapple + vanilla bean-infused vodka. As for the food? The chilaquiles and watermelon + wings are two dishes you have to taste!


Heading south of Beale St.? You should try, well, South of Beale! This restaurant is a long time local favorite and their brunch is outstanding. You can grab a mimosa (and you should), but if you’re looking to try out the espresso martini trend this is a great place to do it! Thinking about the food, there are tons of great menu items–shoutout to the duck fried rice. But you should give their loco moco a try! It’s their take on the Hawaiian classic and is the perfect addition to any brunch adventure!

The Liquor Store

If you’re in the mood for brunch every single day of the week, this would be one of the best brunch spots in Memphis for you! Their menu has all the classic breakfast items you could want plus some seriously delicious burgers, sandwiches, and more. If you’re into pork, try out the Cuban sandwich or add their Cuban pork as your meat selection for any of the breakfast plates!

Staks Pancakes

Wake up early for this one–Stacks Pancakes gets busy early! With good reason too–the food is delicious! In need for a family-friendly place? This is it. With tons of locations across the Mid-South, there’s probably a spot that’s close by. Our recommendations: start with the sausage skewers, grab their Stak of the month, and build your own omelet!

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