5 Must-See Shows in October

After a long and sometimes brutal summer, the sweet release of fall is finally here, so prepare for some sweet tunes to match the Autumnal vibes this October. From the warm comfort of breezy neo-soul to pillowy indie folk and invigorating hardcore punk, there is music for everyone here in Memphis! Here are 5 of our can’t-miss shows for the coming month…

Blvck Hippie, Little Baby Tendencies, Lofidels, Rundown Kreeps

Saturday, October 15th at 7:30PM at the Lamplighter Lounge


Sad-Boy Indie Rock band Blvck Hippie have been making waves in the Memphis underground with their compelling mix of drowned-out ‘VHS rock’ and lovingly emo-tinged delivery. Their 2021 record If You Feel Alone At Parties is a pleasant display of the band’s strenght, a heartfelt and saccharine take on bedroom-oriented indie rock that can’t help but make your heart yearn back to teenage yesteryears. They are joined by quirky indie punk act Little Baby Tendencies, synthpunk act Lofidels, and pop-punk trio Rundown Kreeps. If you want to check out the hottest in Memphis’ indie scene, make sure to check this show out.

Angel Du$t, One Step Closer, Cherry Smoke

Wednesday, October 5th at 7:00PM at Growlers


This one is for the hardcore kids. If you have been around punk circles in the past few years you would know about east coast acts Angel Du$t and One Step Closer. Angel Du$t have mastered toeing the line between melodic hardcore and powerful indie rock. They have made a name for themselves for their compelling mix of the two genres. One Step Closer is a tried-and-true ode to the iconic straight-edge bands of the nineties, their debut This Place You Know being an excellent example. They are joined with Memphis new emo outfit Cherry Smoke, who’s post-hardcore debut is rife with iconic riffs and belting choruses.


Cha Wa

Friday, October 7th at 8:00PM at Railgarten


Careening on a smooth wave of jazz grooves comes Cha Wa, a Mardi Gras Indian funk outfit out of New Orleans. Mixing the old and the new, Cha Wa is a refreshing take on funk with influences from other genres like disco, afrobeats, and even reggae. Their rootsy, bluesy approach to funk exhales life and warmth that makes you want to get up and dance. You can not listen to the infectious bassline and brass sections of “Wildman” and not want to get up out of your chair. Make sure to take a couple of friends to see this group, it will surely be something special.


Corey Lou & Da Village

Friday, October 14th at 7:00PM at Hernando’s Hideaway


Growing up with the deep gospel sounds of Memphis choirs, Corey Lou & Da Village’s music is full of heart and soul. Their music is reflective, looking over the choices made in our society, lamentations, and looking for love. There is a very authentic saccharine vibe to Corey Lou’s vocals. He presents his vocals in a way that is so pure and vulnerable, heightening the feelings of passion and love in every song. Even renditions of songs like the “Mississippi Cha Cha Slide” it is done with a distinct sense of passion and love for the art. If you’re looking for some peace and good vibes, do not hesitate to check out Corey Lou & Da Village!


Lucy Dacus

Friday, October 14th at 8:00PM at Minglewood Hall


For all the frequent criers out there Lucy Dacus is not a new name. Rather it be for her work in the indie-folk supergroup Boygenius or her new record Home Video, Dacus is one of those artists not to miss. Her songwriting pokes at specific emotions, identity in your adolescence, heartfelt vulnerability, or boldness in the eyes of defeat. She has a way with words that can be particularly eye-opening, traversing these themes of nostalgia and sadness with an incredibly intense appreciation for imagery and style. If you are free this October night, make sure to check her out, my one piece of advice though: prepare for an emotional onslaught.

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