Your Go-To Arts Guide: ArtsMemphis’ Event Calendar!

Need to know what’s going on in Memphis’ arts and culture communities? ArtsMemphis’ Event Calendar is one of the best resources for everything you need to know and events you can’t miss!

Get to Know ArtsMemphis!

ArsMemphis serves as a vital support system for local artists and cultural institutions. Their mission revolves around ensuring that Memphis remains a dynamic hub for artistic expression. Their commitment goes beyond financial support–they’re dedicated to fostering an inclusive, creative environment accessible to all.

At ARTSmemphis, our purpose as a granting organization is to grow the foundation of art for our city with diligent, thoughtful, diverse, and intentional support. While we have distributed over $94 million since 1963 to artists and arts organizations, our support is not simply through good stewardship of donor dollars but also by providing financial guidance, organizational advice, marketing support, and networking opportunities and connections. 

Whether a donor, educator, artist, stagehand, or an audience member, together, we are all contributors to the arts.”

Dive into the Calendar

The ArtsMemphis Event Calendar isn’t just a list of dates and openings. It’s a guide into a variety of ways that our city expresses itself through the arts. From funky gallery exhibits in South Main and mind-blowing public art displays in Overton Park to interactive events, markets, and more.

Live it up with Performing Arts

We know you love a good show (so do we).  The calendar compiles some of the best performances in Memphis. Whether you’re into plays at a local theater, dance showcases, or a symphony under the stars at the Levitt Shell, this calendar has your entertainment needs covered.

Get Connected to Community

ArtsMemphis doesn’t stop at just giving you the details on some of the city’s most anticipated arts events; it’s all about building a community. ArtsMemphis actively promotes collaboration among artists, arts organizations, businesses, and the community. By facilitating partnerships and connections, the organization aims to enhance the overall impact and reach of the arts in Memphis. The organization encourages innovation and creativity within the arts community. This may involve supporting new and experimental projects, as well as providing resources for artists to explore and push the boundaries of their craft.

So, as you click through the ArtsMemphis Event Calendar, you’re not just planning your week; you’re diving headfirst into the heart of Memphis’ soul. It’s not just a calendar; it’s a roadmap to the way creativity defines our amazing city. ArtsMemphis said it best: “Arts are the foundation of our culture. They speak to our past, our present, and our future with authenticity and integrity that ultimately create the voice of our community.”

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