5 Women Content Creators in Memphis You Should Be Following

Since it’s Women’s History Month, there are so many innovative content creators currently making waves in the 901. We wanted to highlight a few of our favorites and what they’re doing to help the community in their own unique ways. Here are some women you should be following on social media:

TriDereka – Plant-Based Mom

If you’re trying to live a more plant-based life, TriDereka puts a ton of work into sharing nutritious and healthy vegan tips on her social media. Plus, a lot of these recipes focus on kid-friendly meals that are great for even the pickiest eater. Check her out for some fun food recommendations.

Tara Blair Ball – Certified Relationship Coach & Author

Tara is all about self-empowerment and leaving toxic relationships behind, so her social pages are full of helpful content, including a podcast. Find ways to take back your life through her social media, or even send it to a friend who may need some advice.

Talisha – The Iconic Life

Talisha is a local photographer and style icon who takes pictures around Memphis, highlighting various vendors and local shops. If you need a guide for fashion, then this social media page is the one for you. She also wears some classic Black and Beale gear that you’ll wanna snag for yourself.

Chloe Sexton – Bluff Cakes

Bluff Cakes started going viral on TikTok for delicious, giant cookies that can be shipped around the country, but Chloe also recently opened a storefront right here in town where you can buy cakes, the famous TikTok cookies, and other exclusive baked goods. When you follow her on social media, you get sneak peeks of new flavors, sales, and more.

Tiarra – MA, LPC, NCC Therapist

Tiarra is a certified therapist, especially in the trauma space, and she shares a ton of information about red flags and more. This is a great social media page to follow for anyone trying to repair toxic relationships from their past or present, and what to look out for in the future with healthy partners, friends, and even family.

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