Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, trials and triumphs. Dalisia Brye knows this well, and she often shares her own life experiences to uplift, inspire, and bring hope to others in the Memphis community. Dalisia’s journey back to Memphis began during her years as a Tennessee State University nursing student between 2006-2008. During her time as a nursing student, she realized her true passion was Journalism and Marketing, and she knew she wanted to bring her natural talents for those disciplines back to her hometown of Memphis, TN. In 2009 she moved back, hoping to pursue her dream of becoming a Public Relations Coordinator for one of Memphis’ top nightclubs.


After four years of hard work and trying to jumpstart her career in PR, Dalisia put everything on hold to become a mother to her son, Braylon. Though thrilled to be a new mother, this time was filled with challenges and hardship that threatened to permanently halt her dreams. Dalisia had doors closed on her and experienced homelessness, all while navigating being a new mom – but that didn’t stop her from patiently persisting after her career aspirations.


It was in 2014 that things started to look up for Dalisia. She took a job as an Account Manager and worked her way up the corporate ladder to a position that often closed multi-million dollar accounts for big name companies including Target and Williams-Sonoma. In less than a year, she managed to completely turn her life around, eventually closing a 2.3-million-dollar deal with Nintendo and earning the accolades of holding one of the largest accounts in the company’s history. Two years later and now in a more stable position, Dalisia was ready to try and make her dreams a reality again – this time determined to succeed.


She left her corporate job in 2016 and started building up her name by freelancing for The New Tri-State Defender, an African-American newspaper column serving the Memphis community and surrounding areas. It was through this platform that Dalisia fell in love with Memphis again and was able to express her deep appreciation for the city’s culture in her own words.


“I love Memphis simply because it’s a diamond in the rough,” she says. “It’s a melting pot with an enriched heritage full of great people, music, and love.”


Working under the leadership of the late Publisher Bernal E. Smith and Associate Editor Dr. Karanja Ajanaku, Dalisia began refining her goals and became a prominent Memphis journalist. She then went on to build out her brand and business, Dollface PR, which strategically partners with CEOs, executives, and budding entrepreneurs to help grow their personal and professional identities – just as Dalisia had done for herself. Since then, her company has worked with high-end clients such as 2017 Memphis Fashion Week headliner, Sheila Jay, and the legendary Barkays guitarist, James Alexander. Dalisia’s story earned her national attention in Bauce Magazine, where she was noted as one of Memphis’ rising entrepreneurs for 2017.


Today, Dalisia is CEO and Marketing strategist for Dollface Public Relations and Image Brand Consulting firm, where she works to elevate brands and people around Memphis every day.

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