Brandice Daniel grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. In Memphis, she discovered the importance of the civil rights movement and its impact on African American history inside the United States. While Brandice no longer lives in Memphis, she has taken what she learned and combined it with her passion for fashion. You can see this passion in every single design she releases. There is a definitive connection with the present designer movement and the history of black fashion. It is the bridge between these two worlds that will be celebrated during the Memphis Harlem Week festivities.

Expanding Her Wings

Brandice grew up and spent the majority of her young life in Memphis. While she loved the city and its connection with culture, she wanted to take advantage of an opportunity to move out and spread her wings. That is why she decided to move from Memphis to New York City and settle in Harlem.

Harlem proved to be the perfect landing spot for Brandice. During an interview for the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), she said there was just so much going on in Harlem back in 2005. There was new life, both for the city and for Harlem in general. She pounced on this creative feeling and used it to help craft a fashion bridge between Memphis and Harlem.

She wanted to design clothing specifically for black culture and black style. She wanted to draw from the bright, vibrant colors of her ancestors and the history of Africans moving into the United States. She used that inspiration and motivation to craft designer clothing that didn’t just pay homage to a previous time, but each piece of clothing became a statement and a story in and of itself.

Whether pulling inspiration from historical events that occurred hundreds of years ago or from artists and musicians of a previous decade, it is this connection that has helped Brandice become a head designer not just in Harlem (where she operates as the founder and CEO of Harlem’s Fashion Row), but in all of New York City, which is the design and fashion mecca of the United States.

Celebrating Memphis Designers Like Brandice

Memphis and Harlem Week is a beautiful way to pay tribute to some of the best and brightest designers, musicians, artists and other professionals who bridge the gap between the two historic destinations. During A New Century of Soul, the celebration will be put on full display.

Of course, Brandice will be more than a figurehead for the celebrations taking place in Memphis. She will also be a mainstay designer taking part in New York Fashion Week, which is one of the most important designer events in the world.

Plus, as the CEO of Harlem’s Fashion Row, she is always on the lookout for up-and-coming multicultural designers who want to bring their own take on design to a wider

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