Black-Owned Vegan-Friendly Spots In Memphis

Without a doubt, Memphis is known to have one of the best culinary scenes out there. With so many food options, it’s only right that the most beautiful land in the world provides that same southern hospitality for all the plant-based folks looking to dig into some amazing meals! As Black-owned vegan restaurants in Memphis are gradually expanding, they sure are dominating the business when it comes to satisfying the taste buds of both vegan diners and those who aren’t. 

Shroomlicious Meals

In case you needed another comfort food spot on your official “Vegan Restaurants in Memphis” list, Shroomlicious Meals serves up some of the best of the best! From their “Shroom Philly Rolls” to their “Shroom Crunchwrap,” they’re definitely proving that plant-based food can be creative, comforting, and, most importantly, delicious! 

Trap Fusion

Wondering what to try at Trap Fusion? Try out the Bar-B-Q Jack Sandwich with vegan coleslaw or even the Skinny Pimp vegan hotdog loaded with baked beans and slaw. Their menu will definitely have the whole family, no matter their dietary preferences, begging for more! 

Thick Ass Vegan

While the name alone is great, Thick Ass Vegan is serving up some incredibly tasty meals with a plant-based twist! From “Chik’n” tacos to pasta, there’s something for every one on the menu. In the mood for something sweet? Don’t worry–they’ve got you! They’ve got a great lineup of cakes, cobblers, and other sweet treats that are great for all your dairy-free dessert needs. 

Loc’d and Vegan

If you’re looking to make your weekly lunch and dinner routine a little easier, healthier, and a lot more delicious, you’re going to want to add Loc’d and Vegan to your meal-prep lineup. With a variety of meals, juices, desserts, and more available for pick-up, adding a little more fruit and veggies to your week is a breeze! 

Arnold’s Smokehouse

BBQ lovers, we didn’t forget you! If you’re a house divided and got some serious carnivores that you need to please, Arnold’s is the way to go. They’ve got a dual menu: selections for the meat eaters in your life and fully vegan dishes too. BBQ Jackfruit Fajitas nachos, bologna sandwiches, and even pastas are just a couple of the menu options they’re serving up! 

Sun of a Vegan

Made the plant-based lifestyle change but in the mood for a classic, southern-style lasagna? Sun of a Vegan has what you need! Matter of fact, the menu is absolutely packed with “cheesy” favorites that you may have missed! Even if you’re living the carnivore life, this spot is a great way to ease into making some more plant-based choices! 

ElectroLyfe Juice Bar

ElectroLyfe Juice Bar is the perfect place to satisfy your craving for a good, cold-pressed juice, smoothie, salad, wrap, and even electro-shots. Owner Quavisa Henderson has outdone herself with the veggie wrap, Sunrise Electro-Juice, and Tropical Sensation Electro-Smoothie. For an extra boost to your smoothie, make sure you add on plant-based protein and chia seeds! You can visit daily, noon to 4pm on Sundays and 9am to 5pm Monday through Saturday. 

Got some other suggestions? Let us know what your favorite vegan foods are in the city!

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