Get Out and Vote! Your Guide to Voting in Memphis’ Elections

Fall isn’t the only season that’s here–it’s also voting season! We don’t have to tell you that voting is a fundamental right and a cornerstone of democracy. It’s time to take the opportunity to shape our city’s future by participating in our local elections. Whether you’re a seasoned voter or a first-time participant, this guide will help you navigate the voting process effectively in Memphis’ upcoming elections. Here are five key steps to ensure your voice is heard and your vote counts:

Learn More About Who’s Running!

One of the most crucial steps in the voting process is to be well-informed about the candidates running for office. Whether you’re following along with news outlets like The Commercial Appeal, The Daily Memphis, Channels 3, 5, and the many, many other local sources or attending events to get to know the candidates, these sources often provide comprehensive coverage of candidate profiles, their stances on various issues, and their campaign platforms! Don’t forget to do your fact-checking!

Research Transportation Opportunities to Get to the Polls

Once you’ve gathered information about the candidates, the next step is ensuring you can reach the polling stations for early voting or official Election Day voting! For example, did you know that MATA (Memphis Area Transportation Authority) often provides free transportation to get voters out to the polls? Be sure to check the schedules and routes to find the best options for you!

Check the Polling Locations for Early Voting

Speaking of early voting–take advantage of it! Memphis typically offers early voting options leading up to Election Day, which can be a convenient way to participate. You’re not tied to your specific polling location during early voting, so you can vote while you’re out and about! It usually takes just a few minutes, so you’ll still have plenty of time to take your lunch break/get back to scrolling IG (we’re guilty too, no judgment). Be sure to check the calendars and know when early voting begins and ends!

Know What’s Important to You!

To make an informed decision at the ballot box, take the time to understand the topics and initiatives that matter to you! Research the city’s current priorities and room for improvement–it’ll definitely help you make the best choice in who aligns with your vision for Memphis!

Here are some ways to get connected and informed:

  • Visit the official City of Memphis website for information on local government, city services, and ongoing projects.
  • Engage with local community organizations, attend meetings, and participate in discussions about key issues facing Memphis.
  • Seek out reports and studies on topics like education, public safety, economic development, and infrastructure to gain a deeper understanding of the city’s needs.

Encourage Your Friends and Family to Vote!

Voting is a collective effort, and your voice is even more powerful when shared with others. Encourage your friends and family to participate in the upcoming elections. Explain the importance of voting and help them navigate the process if they need some help!

By connecting with the community and the important people in your life, you can amplify the impact of your vote and contribute to a more engaged and informed Memphis community!

Remember, every vote counts, and your voice matters in shaping the direction of Memphis. Get ready to make a difference on Election Day!

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