Top places in Memphis to eat healthy

Although Memphis is famous for its BBQ, there are plenty of eateries in town that cater to the more health-conscious among us. Here’s a list of our top 9.

Imagine Vegan Cafe

Imagine Vegan specializes in vegan salads, juices, sandwiches and entrees, including healthier takes on wings and burgers made using organic substitutes. The weekend brunch spread is a favorite among customers.

Imagine Vegan Café

Photo Credit: Imagine Vegan Café Facebook

City Silo Table & Pantry

Whether you’re initially drawn to City Silo by its humane dairy options, its vegetable-based menu, or its wide selection of organic chocolates, jams and grains, we bet you’ll be loving all of the above by the time you leave. Did we mention the extensive breakfast menu, the design-your-own-burger option and the line of healthy drinks like wellness lattes and cocktails?

Cheffie’s Cafe

The main draw of Cheffie’s is that you’re free to build your own sandwiches and salads using the ingredients available, but there’s also a menu available. In addition to its array of vegan options, Cheffie’s offers a range of quality produce and meats.

Raw Girls Food Truck

Eating on the go? Take advantage of Raw Girls Food Truck’s pressed juices, smoothies, salads and raw desserts made from organic and locally grown products. We recommend the taco salad with walnut meat and zucchini pasta.

Juice Bar

According to the Juice Bar website, this is an “I want to eat healthy and feel great” kind of a place, and we couldn’t agree more. Tickle your taste buds with whichever vegetarian, gluten-free and organic juice or smoothie your heart desires.

Bounty on Broad

As you may have guessed from its name, this casual fine dining restaurant is located on Memphis’ Broad Avenue, which might be considered a city landmark in its own right. Stop by to enjoy farm-to-table dishes—including gluten-free options—in a family-style setting.

Bounty on Broad

Photo Credit: Bounty on Broad Facebook

Java Cabana

If vegan quesadillas and veggie burgers are your jam, nobody does it better than Java Cabana. Located in the trendy Cooper-Young neighborhood, this establishment is technically billed as a coffee house, but there’s always a solid array of munchies on the menu. There’s also a coffee bar location inside the South Main Market.


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