Best Late-Night Food Spots in Memphis

Something everyone should know about Memphis: We’ve got the best food. And no, there’s no bias in that statement… Trust us. Not only do we have the eats, but a lot of places are serving them up until the early hours. This is a college town, after all, and many late-night study sessions deserve some brain food. Here are some of our favorite late night food Memphis spots around the 901.

RP Tracks Restaurant & Bar

Speaking of the UofM, this late-night restaurant is just a block from campus so you can grab some delicious bites easily. (You should definitely try their BBQ tofu while you’re at it.) They’re open until 1:00 AM every night.


Huey’s is a staple in Memphis, and their burgers are legendary. You can find them in multiple locations around town; some stay open until midnight or 1:00 AM.

Silly Goose

Got a hankering for wood-fired pizza? You’re in luck with Silly Goose, a stop with Italian eats that stays open until 2:00 AM during the week and 3:00 AM on the weekends.

Bardog Tavern

For sliders, snacks, and everything in between, Bardog Tavern has it all. They’re open until 3:00 AM every night of the week, perfect for ending those late-night shifts with some good food.

Pantà Memphis

Grab some traditional Catalan eats at Pantà. This may quickly become your preferred late-night fare, but they’re only open until midnight on Thursday through Saturday, so keep that in mind.


Lafayette’s doesn’t just have the music – they have the food, too! From Friday to Saturday, you can stay and eat until 1:00 AM, and even on Sunday, they stay open until midnight. 

Slider Inn

There are two Slider Inn locations in Memphis, one in midtown and one downtown. Both stay open until midnight or 1:00 AM most nights, so stop by and get some famous sliders. 

Clover Club

Located on BB King Blvd right under the Hotel Indigo is the Clover Club, a spot that stays open until 3:00 AM from Thursday through Saturday. It’s got casual eats, drinks, and even live music.


If you’re looking for a late-night delivery, Westy’s can bring the eats to you until 2:00 AM. They’ve got everything from burgers to classic Creole dishes to fulfill any appetite.

Earnestine and Hazel’s

We all know Earnestine and Hazel’s is haunted, but it’s also scary how good their food is. Plus, you may catch a ghost or two during their late hours.

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