Recording Studios in Memphis

Memphis is the epicenter of musical innovation. Look anywhere you want in the history of American music and you’ll find Memphis. We’re the birthplace of the blues and rock’n’roll, we invented soul, and we’ve been changing the hip-hop game for more than 30 years. Whatever your sound, whatever your set up, we’ve got you covered – from the expansive and legendary Sam Phillips studio at Ardent to that single special tracking room at Sun, you’ll find what you need in Memphis. Memphis has long been a center for music recording – and our historic studios like Sam Phillips and Royal are still cutting hits for artists like Margo Price and Bruno Mars.

There’s something in the water here. That’s what we hear from the artists who travel to Memphis from across the country and around the world each year to record albums here – why don’t you come experience it for yourself?

4U Recording

The studios are meant to evoke “state of the art.” 4U’s studios are a unique collaborative space. They’re looking to get great musicians together in live spaces and let them jam together and get a real feel in the music. Their vision is that 4U Recording will be an iconic location for music production in the city.

Ardent Studios

Ardent’s passion for the music has translated into more than 70 gold and platinum albums and singles. You can walk the halls and feel that same passion. Times have changed, but Ardent Studios has remained true to its character, embracing the technological advents, collecting world-class vintage gear, and offering hospitality that is among the South’s finest.

Electraphonic Recording

Electraphonic Recording is a full-service recording studio, owned by producer and film composer Scott Bomar. Electraphonic offers full music production and engineering services for all media—including film, tv and advertising. We offer both analog and digital recording, and have a large and unique selection of vintage microphones, outboard gear, instruments, keyboards, amplifiers and drums.

Memphis Magnetic Recording Co.

Memphis Magnetic Recording Co. is a new world class, purpose built, vintage studio, which has a primary focus on analog recording. The main tracking room is large and sounds great in any configuration and mixes from the control room translate. The room acoustics, along with the historic collection of vintage analog equipment mixed with available modern DAW systems create a reliable well thought out professional workflow and add up to an amazing recording experience as well as the highest quality sound for any album.

Sam Phillips Recording Service

Sam Phillips was not just one of the most important producers in rock history, he was also one of the most important figures in 20th-century American culture. As owner and founder of his Memphis Recording Service Studio and Sun Record Company, he was the vital creative innovator at the epicenter of establishing rock n’ roll as the fresh, new, global music of the 20th-century era. After successfully outgrowing his Memphis Recording Service/ Sun Studio, Phillips opened Sam Phillips Recording service in 1960.Walking through the doors of the studio today is like taking a musical journey back to 1960. Equipped with 3 live echo chambers, and more vibe than any place in the world, it has remained an independently focused recording facility and the Phillips family has no plans to change.

SonStorm Studio

Located in Midtown, the historic studio offers a private, laid back environment that breeds creativity! SonStorm offers professional music production, recording, and mixing services. Their spacious facility houses 2 full service studios, equipped with Class A Mics and Pre-amps. Their large tracking room floor has recorded some of the best choirs and bands in the business.This studio has been home to legendary Memphis artists such as 3-6 mafia, 8ball & MJG, Wendy Moten, The Bar-Kays, Terrance Howard (Hustle and Flow) and countless others.

Sun Studio

Follow in the footsteps of legends like BB King, Ike Turner, and Elvis Presley! If you haven’t heard about Sun Recording Studio and its iconic history, now’s the time to explore! Sun Studio is open 7 days a week as an attraction giving tours of the studio. As soon as they close down daytime operations, they open up for recording around 7pm!

The Grove Music Ministry

The Grove is a state-of-the-art Memphis recording studio located at   Hope Church with 40+ channels of hi-end Class A pre-amps, including Neve, API, Martech and more, all in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Carl Tatz Design™ upgraded the vintage Dynaudio M4-Plus main monitoring system with new high efficiency amplifiers and implemented his PhantomFocus™ processing with its reference frequency response curve, as well as upgrading to the Carl Tatz Design Edition™ Argosy Workstation. This room not only sounds great but looks and feels great as well!

Willie Mitchell’s Royal Studios

Royal Studios is the 3rd oldest continually operated studio in the world. It was the home of Hi Records and the place where all of Al Green’s hits were recorded. Today, Royal continues to make records by artist such as Robert Cray, Wu-Tang Clan, John Mayer, Boz Scaggs, the Mark Ronson-Bruno Mars song of the decade “Uptown Funk,” and more.

Young Avenue Sound

If you’re looking for a private space to create in an environment that takes the best from digital and analog, Young Avenue Sound is the place for you, a place to cultivate what’s in your mind and at your fingertips. They love working with bands and artists from Memphis and beyond, with no genre specificity–they love it all!

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