Reasons to stay in Memphis

There are easily 1.2 million good reasons to stay in Memphis, but for your ease of reading, I’ve narrowed it down to 12. In no particular order, here they are—

1. Barbecue

If you haven’t yet tried the dozens (and dozens!) of BBQ spots in Memphis, 2019 is your year to change that. Entire books have been written on Memphis BBQ and with good reason.

2. Bike Nights on Beale

On Wednesday evenings from April to September, motorcycles gather in impressive droves on Beale.

3. Black Restaurant Week

Memphis is proud to be diverse, and this week is no exception. Come enjoy a rich culinary experience at any of our dozens of local black-owned restaurants. Dates: March 3-9, 2019.

4. Crawfish Festivals

Each April, Memphis hosts our famous boiled crawfish festivals. Two of the biggest include Overton Square and Rajun Cajun. Hope to see you there!

5. Graceland

Does this really need any explanation? If you haven’t been to the home of Elvis Presley in a few years (or ever), it’s time!

6. Elvis Week

Fans from around the globe will flock to the city to celebrate the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Dates: August 9-17, 2019. Whether or not you’re a fan already, you’ll become one.

7. Liberty Bowl

If football is your thing, you’ll want to come watch the top teams compete for the 61st annual Liberty Bowl trophy in December.

8. Memphis Fashion Week

International and local designers alike gather each April to show off their most creative and iconic fashions.

9. Memphis Zoo

We boast one of the nation’s top-ranked zoos. Come (with or without the kids!) to see the baby animals or visit any of the many state-of-the-art exhibits.

10. RiverArtsFest

Each October, hundreds of local artisans gather for an impressive weekend show in downtown Memphis. Come be inspired and entertained by the very best.

11. The National Civil Rights Museum

Come witness the history of the civil rights movement in a fully immersive and absolutely memorable way.

12. Trolley Nights

The last Friday of every month means one thing: Trolley Nights. Galleries open. Music wafts through the air. Free drinks appear on South Main.


Bottom line: This list doesn’t even scratch the surface of what’s waiting for you here in Memphis. Come see for yourself!


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