3 cool Memphis items you can buy on Etsy right now!

Etsy is a fantastic destination for unique items you just can’t find anywhere else. Many of these items are store quality, yet are handmade by independent artists. With the creativity blood flowing through Memphis, dozens of exceptional individuals have taken their craft to Etsy. Some of these people have their own storefronts and websites, so if you’re in town, you may be able to visit them. However, if you want to order products directly from the Etsy platform while you’re at home, or if you’re away from Memphis (or if the creator doesn’t have a brick and mortar store), here are some cool Memphis items you can buy on Etsy right now.

Main Photo: Great Big Canvas

Map art

Memphis Skyline Art Print

Photo: Etsy

Are you looking for a piece of wall art that looks great and still brings a bit of industrialization into your home? If so, map wall art is a great option for you. There are grid maps that will show off the city street-map grid. It’s often strangely beautiful how this grid unfolds. There are also several fantastic presentations for this. While you can find a number of these, the MEMPHIS Tennessee map art deco canvas print by Map Horizontal Wall is fantastic. Just the slight additional art deco border is enough to make it really pop (for all artists’ links, check out the “Additional Reading” section below).

Memphis skyline art

Memphis Skyline Art

Photo: Etsy

Memphis has a beautiful skyline. A number of artists online sell representational prints for the skyline, but one of our favorites is the Memphis Skyline Art Print by WindbyArtshop. It has a whimsical look to it, as if you found it in a children’s book somewhere. And if you have a high-quality printer on hand, you can download it directly from the website and print it without ever paying for shipping.

Made in Memphis

Made In Memphis| ONESIE

Photo: Etsy

Show off your city pride with some Made in Memphis T-shirts and other clothing items. You can find everything from baby clothing to adult sizes. It’s fun, simple and yet always the perfect way to show off your city pride, whether you’re walking the streets of Memphis, New York, Detroit or Las Vegas. With plenty of color options and print styles, there’s something here for you.

Now’s the perfect time to add to your Memphis collection

You don’t need to physically be in Memphis to purchase great items made by local artists. And many of the best Memphis items are not sold at large stores. Instead, these are made by lovers of Memphis who want to show off their pride in the city and share it with you. These listed items are a handful of the cool Memphis objects you can purchase through Etsy, but make sure to sift through the items. You never know what great independent designer materials you’ll find on the website.

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