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The University of Memphis is the flagship university in the city. It offers students from around the globe a world-class education with dozens of degree programs and hundreds of courses. However, you don’t need to be in the University of Memphis to take advantage of some of what the school has to offer. The Art Museum of the University of Memphis (AMUM) brings with it a number of rotating galleries and special displays, as well as its permanent art. When looking for fun things to do in Memphis, this is one such destination you need to take in.

Permanent collections

The AMUM has a number of permanent collections. These are works of art that are always on display, allowing you to come in and see these collections whenever you might want. Some of the permanent collections include the Ancient Egyptian Collection (which shows off antiquities dating back to 3800 BCE). There is also the African Collection, featuring over 180 different pieces of Sub-Saharan African Art, plus 1,000 works on paper.


There are rotating exhibitions that come and go from the AMUM. To discover the latest exhibits coming to the museum, be sure to visit the AMUM website and select “Upcoming at AMUM” under the “Exhibitions” tab.

Currently, Art Shay is scheduled to begin on June 23 and last until October 5, 2019. Art Shaw was an American photographer who took pictures of a number of important American historical events, including the Great Chicago Fire of 1968. (Art Shay died in 2018.)

More about the AMUM

The AMUM first opened back in 1981. At the time, it opened with the original name of “University Gallery.” Over the years, it has brought in a number of new exhibits and pieces of work, as it constantly looks to add new pieces to its collection. Much of its current collection has been donated over the years.

Eventually, in 1994, Memphis State University became known as the University of Memphis. When this took place, the University Gallery took on the new name of the Art Museum of the University of Memphis.

The current collection is mostly devoted to Egyptian and African art, although there are a number of additional pieces, including Épinal prints of Napoleon Bonaparte and works from local Memphis artists, not to mention several polaroids, prints, and silk screens by Andy Warhol.

Visiting the museum

The AMUM is open Mondays through Saturdays with operational hours from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. (except on holidays). It is located at the 142 CFA Building.

You can contact the museum at (901) 768-2224. If you have questions you wish to discuss over email, you can email the art gallery at If you want to stay up to date on the latest events taking place at the art museum, you can visit the website and sign up to join the mailing list.

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