The Return of Roller Skating In the 901

If there’s one thing that most Memphians share, whether young or old, is some good-ass skating rink memories.  Either you kicked it down on Third at our beloved Crystal Palace (#LongLiveCP), posted up at East End every weekend, or even crossed city limits to hit up Club Odyssey aka Skate Odyssey on Sunday nights as […]


5 Reasons the 2020 Census is Crucial!

The United States Census is one of the most important ways you can help define, affect, and participate in the future of our country. 2020 may be the first opportunity for many millennials and younger generations to participate in this historical survey, but many may not understand the purpose or importance of the Census. Affecting […]


Sweet Lady: An Ode to the Candy Lady

In neighborhoods where access to grocery stores are scarce, the Candy Lady is an alternative for kids who may have missed breakfast or needed a “meal” after not being able to afford lunch at school. She may be a little scary or have an attitude, but she’s the main hustler on the block, flipping everything from candy to chips to nachos.


The New Memphis Sound with David Porter

When legendary, GRAMMY-winning Stax Records singer-songwriter David Porter founded The Consortium MMT in 2012, his goal was to use his career success as a “door-opener” for the next generation of Memphis talent. “What hasn’t changed since the start of my career to now is the tremendous raw talent here in the Memphis community,” Porter says. “That raw talent won’t […]