5 Songs in Rotation for November ’23

Memphis music is truly unstoppable. Each month welcomes more and more incredible new projects. Here are just 5 we’re highlighting for November that we’ve had on repeat:

Talibah Safiya ft. MadameFraankie – “Papa Please”

When we talked to singer Talibah Safiya back in October, she told us that she was readying a new 5 song project titled “Black Magic”. While the full EP hasn’t dropped, Safiya did share the first single off the upcoming record. “Papa Please” finds Safiya soulfully crooning over crunchy, gritty guitar courtesy of MadameFraankie. It’s the perfect teaser – just enough to wet our appetites while making us that much more excited for what’s next.


A Weirdo From Memphis – “Officer Tenpenny”

Over the past year, Memphis rapper A Weirdo From Memphis has been busy performing alongside Unapologetic labelmates PreauXX, CmaJor, and Kid Maestro on their Weirdly LuXXurious tour. Luckily, his schedule hasn’t stopped him from creating and sharing new material. In between traveling, AWFM has been gifting his Instagram followers some standout loosies and freestyles. His latest, “Officer Tenpenny,” is yet another next level offering. Over production by CmaJor, AWFM showcases his impeccable delivery and lyrical prowess with lines like, “lack of wings never stopped me from my failed attempts at flyin.” Damn. If these are just the loosies, imagine what he has in store for his next official release.


Brandon Lewis – Frozen Hearts EP

When Memphis singer Brandon Lewis shared his new EP, Frozen Hearts, he posted the project alongside one singular lyric: “Started reflecting on all the rejection my heart accepted…” It’s this broken-hearted feeling that drives the narrative for his new 4-song project. Lewis expertly layers his smooth, emotive vocals over lush yet melancholy production, as he muses about the aftermath of a love lost. The EP is an intimate journey, one that by the end will have you asking if that chill you feel is from the seasons changing or Lewis’ palpable heartache.

A.R. The Mermaid – “Mama Raised A Savage”

When I tell you that the female rappers coming out of Memphis are nothing to play with, whew, I mean it. A.R. The Mermaid went viral a while back with her effortless freestyle abilities, and here we get to see her showcase those once again. “Mama Raised A Savage” is a minute and a half of the rapper confidently talking her shit over a vibed out, laidback beat. A personal highlight? When she dropped the line “Yea I know I’m 5’1” but my heart 6’4”” because as someone who is also 5’1”, I felt that deep.

Marco Alexander, CmaJor, and The Jackson Symphony – “Reimagined Requiem”

Earlier this month, The Jackson Symphony put on a special performance called “Reimagined Requiem.” For this, they invited Memphis musician (and principal double bass in the orchestra) Marco Alexander to take the Mozart classic, rearrange it, and put his own unique take on it. The result is breathtaking. I keep trying to describe it but nothing I write can do it justice. This is one you have to hear and feel. Music is magical and this…this is something special.





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