Hip Hop

The Women of Unapologetic

By Katie Kelly When you walk into the main control room of Outerspace, Unapologetic’s studio, you’ll see a sign on the ceiling that in comparison to the rest of the studio, is relatively non-descript. In uppercase plain black text with a few chosen words in color, it reads: “IN THIS PLACE OUR DIFFERENCES ARE VALUED […]

Hip Hop

Idi x Teco: Making A Way, Their Way

By Katie Kelly “I say we’re two sides of the same coin. We’re equally matched. Nobody can stop us, together or separate, and that’s not being cocky, that’s being real,” Big Boi once said when asked who the better rapper is, him or his Outkast partner André 3000. Music is not unfamiliar with iconic duos, […]


Five Questions with San Salida

By Zachary Corsa I’ll admit that my Spanish skills are rusty enough these days that I had to turn to a trusted friend (Google Translate) to decipher the meaning of ‘San Salida’, which apparently means ‘Saint Exit’. “That’s perfect” I said to myself, because it really does get to the heart of what the ragtag […]


Meet Memphis Soul Superstar Emi Secrest

Meet Memphis soul sweetheart and superstar Emi Secrest. The “Push Ya” singer has made a name for herself beyond her city’s boundaries and is displaying her love for music and her immense talent from coast to coast. From TV show placements to touring with some of the biggest names in the history of the music […]