City Tasting Box’s New Addition: The Majority Box

“Memphis is a majority-black city. You can’t really talk about our heritage – food, history, music, and culture – without highlighting all the greatness that comes from the black community.”   Cristina McCarter and Lisa Brown, the minds behind the City Tasting Box, have the right idea. Since the beginning of the pandemic, this dynamic duo has […]


Shop Black: City Tasting Box

As you may have heard, August is Black Business Month, and there’s certainly no shortage of Black-owned businesses here in Memphis. From lifestyle and beauty brands to tours and restaurants, Memphis is a city full of entrepreneurship. Born out of one beloved Black-owned business, City Tasting Tours, comes a new product that oozes Memphis: City […]


Memphis Streets Where Black-Owned Businesses Thrive

  Have you ever heard of Black Wall Street?  I did not learn about Black Wall Street during my twelve-year tenure as a Memphis City School student. So here are a few fun facts. In 1921, Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Greenwood District, known as Black Wall Street, was one of the wealthiest African-American communities in the United […]


The Best Gardening Resources in Memphis

Lights. Camera. Climate action! In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we’re digging deeper than the “well said” soundbite or your “well-done” weekly recycling. All you’ll need is a bit of elbow grease and your own patch of earth.  The theme for Earth Day 2020 is climate action, and following in the footsteps […]