City Tasting Box’s New Addition: The Majority Box

“Memphis is a majority-black city. You can’t really talk about our heritage – food, history, music, and culture – without highlighting all the greatness that comes from the black community.”  

Cristina McCarter and Lisa Brown, the minds behind the City Tasting Box, have the right idea. Since the beginning of the pandemic, this dynamic duo has amplified Memphis’ local food scene by sharing a curated collection of items from a selection of the city’s chefs, restauranteurs, and food artisans.  


In February, the team turns the message up even more. The Majority Box is the latest box to join the team’s line up—and it comes with an ever-important message: Memphis’ culture is dependent on its black creators and innovators. This collection of products from black food artisans not only celebrates the “heritage, tenacity, and resilience” of Memphis’ food scene but also provides recipients with an opportunity to support black-owned businesses and get a taste of the Memphis experience.  

So, what’s in it? If you’re a Memphian, or you’re a Memphis food expert, these names won’t be unfamiliar. (If you’re not, get ready to fall in love.) You’ll find Pop’s Kernel Gourmet Popcorn, Flying Sobie’s Memphis Gold sauce, Chef Tam’s Black as Midnight blackening seasoning, Cxffeeblack Guji Mane Ethiopian coffee, and Mae’s Gourmet Jam, Elle Elixir’s custom tea blend. Plus, you’ll get some #WeAreMemphis swag to add to your collection!   

Cristina and Lisa have not only put effort into creating the box, but the timing couldn’t be better. By releasing this product on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, they’re tapping into one of Dr. King’s central messages: economic empowerment. “Dr. King talked about service and loving our fellow neighbors, but he also talked about economic equality,” says the team. “We are still talking about economic equality. That conversation is not over. $0.65 of every dollar from the Majority Box even goes back into the local economy 

Looking to get in on supporting some of Memphis’ black-owned businesses? We knew you would. Get the jump on ordering (and get a discount) by placing your pre-sale order from January 18th to February 1st. Use the presale offer code MAJORITY10 at checkout to get 10% off!  

Let’s show some love to our community!  

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