As the holidays near, we find ourselves thinking about all the amazing food we get to share with our loved ones, but not everyone has that same opportunity. That’s why organizations like Mid-South Food Bank with their team and community bring their soul everyday to share some nourishment with Memphians who are less fortunate.

Serving more than 370,000 people across 31 Memphis-area counties, the Mid-South Food Bank shows the real meaning of the holiday season. The agency, started in 1981 as part of the Feeding America initiative, wants no one in the area to go hungry, especially during the holidays.

The organization supplies food to its Mid-South partner agencies from its new facility at 3865 S. Perkins Rd. Shortly after the new facility opened in July, its former executive director, Estella Mayhue-Greer announced her retirement. Cathy Pope, a veteran in the food non-profits, took over the helm. For the holiday season, the organization has two ways for people to donate to the food bank while spreading holiday cheer.

Save Time. Feed Families.

For $10 each, send your holiday card list to the Mid-South Food Bank and they will send out personalized cards for you. You can save time, give to a good cause and dazzle your friends and family at the same time. For a minimum $50 donation each, your friends could receive a “Cookie Letter.” The recipient will receive gourmet cookies and a letter explaining that the donation was used to give food to partner agencies to feed needy families during the holiday season.

The organization seeks to give away 25 million pounds of food by 2025. 
To learn how you can help, go to the Mid-South Food Bank donation page. To learn more about Memphis initiatives, go to the WeAreMemphis business page.

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