World of Dance

World of Dance is one of the hottest reality competition shows on television today. The series — which is produced by Jennifer Lopez, who may know a thing or two about dance herself — features dance performances from solo acts to large groups in any style. Contestants are in it to win a $1 million grand prize.

Yet the World of Dance is more than a television show, it’s a global brand of dance competitions and dance lifestyle events that take place all around the world from Europe to South America, to Asia and the United States. Videos from these events have been shared more than a billion times across social media platforms.

All that excitement is coming to Central Memphis with the launch event of World of Dance in Memphis on Nov. 10. The showstopping evening is a live tour of the World of Dance brand. It acts as a live dance showcase highlighting the pure talent, hard work, and dedication to absolutely incredible and awe-inspiring choreography.

Some of the hottest dancers from the World of Dance television show and other dance celebrities will touch down at Memphis’ Graceland Soundstage to offer an intimate, high octane concert for the audience.

At Elvis Presley’s former home, the Graceland Soundstage is an incredible venue for music performances, film screenings, and video filming. Aside from ticketed public events such as World of Dance, it has also been used to host private events, conferences, corporate meetings, and trade shows.

This is all a part of Memphis’ deep, rich history in music. The city has often been the center of rock and roll history. From Elvis to Johnny Cash to W.C. Handy, Memphis boasts an amazing musical pedigree for all audiences to enjoy.

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