How to Show Love to Memphis!

 While we’re all used to showing love to the special people in our lives this month, we’re all about showing the city some affection too. With the number of local businesses, restaurants, and things to do in Memphis, these are only a handful of ways to give the city some love. Use this as your inspiration and get to loving on Memphis!  

Eat Local 

Memphis’ restaurants have been working non-stop to get you the delicious food you crave during the pandemic. From shifting operations to getting creative with how they serve up meals, there’s so much that goes into keeping a restaurant afloat during such a difficult time. Why not return the love and make sure you’re eating local? Just moved to town and don’t have a favorite spot yet? Here are some of the city’s favorites 

Wing Guru – If you don’t know by now, Memphis loves wings. Not only do we love them, but we also just do them better – period. The city has hundreds (yes, we’ve counted) of restaurants serving wings and the Wing Guru has joined the ranks of some of the best in the city.  

Global Café – If you haven’t heard why Global Café is amazing, feel free to check out this article to fill you in. Memphis is fortunate to have so many business owners of diverse backgrounds who share their culture’s cuisine with us and this one stop shop builds yet another delicious bridge.  

Restaurant Iris – Chef Kelly English not only shows up for his customers, but also for his fellow restauranteursDuring the pandemic, and even before then, Chef Kelly has offered meals to those who need it, found creative ways to serve his outstanding food, and brought attention to his peers in the restaurant industry.  

If you’re a Memphis food veteran, you’re probably looking for something new to add to your local food routine. Here’s our article with new restaurants and ones to look out for this year! 

Shop Local 

You knew this was coming. If you’re eating local, shopping local is totally the next step. Whether you’re looking to get a gift for that special someone or you’re just in the market for a little retail self-care, Memphis has plenty of local shops to choose from! Here are just a couple to keep in mind  

Terra Cotta – Are you a plant parent? If so, Terra Cotta should be your next stop. Not only are the plants beautiful, but this shop’s vibes are beyond immaculate. Plants not your thing? No worries. The team also keeps self-care essentials in stock making for the ultimate treat your self-experience. 

Primas Bakery and Boutique – This cousin duo has taken both of their concepts and combined them into one pretty cool store! Whether you’re looking for delicious (and absolutely beautiful) desserts with RM Petit Cakes or something that’s both unique and celebrates Mexican heritage with ShopMuchoyou’ll find both under the same roof.

Photo Credit: Cafe Noir


Café Noir – Looking to expand your reading horizons? Café Noir’s got you covered. This locally owned bookstore uplifts stories by Black, PoC, and LGTQIA+ writers and, while ordering is all online at the moment, with a prospective open date of Summer 2021, the shop will open its doors and feature fair-trade coffee!  




Explore the City Safely

By now, we all know that keeping you, your family and your fellow Memphians safe is the number one priority. So, when you’re safely visiting attractions and sites, mask up and keep distant. Some of Memphis’ museums and tours have changed their experiences to accommodate safety practices. Looking for even more than six feet? The great outdoors is the way to go. Here are some of Memphis’ wide-open spaces 

Shelby Farms Park – With over 4,500 acres of green space, Shelby Farms is a no-brainer for those looking to have a Memphis adventure. Whether you’re looking over one of the lakesgoing for a run on one of the trails, or taking your dog for a walk at the dog park, there’s plenty of ways to enjoy Shelby Farms.  

Memphis Zoo – The Zoo is back open and there’s no better way to discover your wild side. While you may not be able to cuddle up to the cute animals, looking at them from afar is just as great. Also, if you haven’t gotten your Valentine’s Day date together yet, the Zoo is always a winner.  

Botanic Gardens + Dixon Gallery and Gardens – Gardens are a great way to get outdoors, even when our favorite flowers may not be in bloom. No matter if you’re sitting on the swings in the Botanic Garden’s Big Back Yard or taking a look at the art before perusing the Dixon’s gardens, these two stops are perfect for some distant relaxation.  


Show Some Neighborly Love 

Memphians are what make the city the place that it is. Without its citizens, Memphis wouldn’t be the place we all know and love. Aside from committing to the safety practices in place, reaching out and helping your fellow Memphians in need is the best way to show some love. Looking for some organizations that could use your support? Lucky for you, Memphians are dedicated to improving our hometown, so there are plenty to choose from! Here’s a handful to get you started:  

MIFA – With so many different programs to help our fellow Memphians in need, there are many ways to give MIFA a helping hand. Whether you’re volunteering to deliver meals or donating masks, it’s easy to give a helping hand.  

Photo Credit: Kayla Gore / TC Caldwell

My Sistah’s House – This nonprofit serves Memphis’ trans and non-binary communities by providing a wide range of support systems and resources (and you may recognize Co-Founder Kayla Gore from her campaign with Citi Bank)They’re currently looking for volunteers, so definitely lookout for opportunities on their website.

Memphis Humane Society – There are always opportunities to help out our furry friends in need. While traditional volunteer opportunities are on hold due to the pandemic, you can still check out their website for information and keep up with any calls for assistance.  


These are just four ways that you can show love to the city and, with a city as big as ours, there are always opportunities to give back to it. Whether you’re digging deep in your communities to give a helping hand or supporting your favorite business or entrepreneur, your support makes Memphis a better place.  

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