5 Pet-Friendly Memphis Parks

By: Ariel Taranski


Spring in Memphis is great for enjoying the outdoors, seeing the sights, and getting some exercise. Want to know what can make it even greater? Bringing along your pet! Fido and Fluffy deserve some time in the sun, too. (Though let’s be real, who’s giving their pet these names anymore?) If you’re looking for somewhere to bring along your furry friend, here are some pet-friendly parks here in Memphis that they’ll be sure to enjoy!

Shelby Farms Park

You’ve no doubt heard about Shelby Farms Park and its huge area for pups. Your dog can run around off-leash and explore the area, maybe even jump into one of the ponds and lakes for a swim! (Just make sure to use their washing station and bring along some towels for the car ride home.) This is a wonderful pet-friendly area of over 100-acres that also allows you both to enjoy nature and get moving. Shelby Farms also has seasonal events with pet-friendly days, so check out their calendar!

Photo Credit: Overton Park

Overton Park 

Their dog area is also known as Overton “Bark” and we can always appreciate a good pet pun. With separate areas for different sizes of dogs and water fountains for when they inevitably get thirsty, this space is enclosed and perfect for any breed! It’s open every day from dawn to dusk, and there’s a place to sit in case you’d rather watch your pup have their best day ever.

Mud Island

For another place in Memphis where your dog can let out some energy, Mud Island Dog Park is the place to go. They can enjoy some off-leash fun near downtown, making it easy to pop by a pet-friendly restaurant on your way back. Plus, Mud Island is an awesome place for exploration, which we all know dogs love to do. Let them sniff some new smells and maybe even meet a few new friends down there!

Photo Credit: Memphis Medical District

Memphis Dog Park

This is Memphis’ first city-run dog park, and it’s great for those canines who love obstacle courses and agility areas. With two fenced-in areas for a variety of dog sizes, your pup can enjoy this space that also provides biodegradable bags for those unavoidable accidents. How nifty is that? Just make sure your dog is up to date on their vaccines before going.

Bartlett Dog Park

Here’s another enclosed area that allows dogs to run around and be carefree. (Because let’s face it, sometimes our pets don’t always listen very well and we need somewhere with a fence!) There are even benches for you and trees for shade so that neither of you gets too warm in the springtime sun. It also allows separate spaces for bigger and smaller dogs, making sure that your pup interacts with friends their own size!

A Dog Day in Memphis

There are so many great places to bring your pet in Memphis. This city really is pet-friendly, you just have to find the spots. Lucky for you, though, we plan on exploring more areas of the city that allow you to bring along your animals, so stay tuned for more! Then you can truly plan a dog’s day out here in the 901.

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