Nick Black is the kind of musician that makes your toes tap and your head bob. He puts the beat into your chest that just makes you want to stand up and dance. Influenced by a number of the top touring acts like Justin Timberlake, Bruno Marks, and Sting, Nick Black has a desire to reach people far and wide with his infectious song and voice. Since his emergence onto the music scene, his style of pop and soul has set him apart while at the same time elevated him to one of the most recognized Memphis performers.

Nick Black

Photo: Reverb Nation

Growing up in music

Nick Black hails from the south and he grew up in the church. His first love of music comes from the gospel style of Memphis soul music, which he fell in love with. Growing up in both the church and Memphis, he discovered other regional styles, including blues, R&B, and a number of toe-tapping soul variations that fully inspired him to dive head first into the music industry.

Nick Black went on to record his first album back in 2012, a record titled “The Soul Diaries.” The album very much sounds like a personal recording of his inner most feelings, all done with a soul vibe (and a dash of fun-filled pop).

With his most recent single release of “Grenadine,” Nick decided to push his current musical envelop to the next level, where he introduced dance beats and a heavier electronic vibe to it. This gives the song a bit of funk mixed in with the soul and pop.

If you’re a fan of the radio-length track, Nick Black is perfect for you, as every track he has put out is between the 3 and 4 minute mark. This way every song is fresh and lasts just as long as it needs to.

Check Nick Black out live

Nick is always looking for new venues to perform at. You can often find him at locations around Tennessee, both in Memphis and in Nashville. He recently took part in the Funk Soul Summer Jam festival in Nashville, and he’ll be performing at the Beale Street Cigar Festival as well. Beyond this, he often plays around the south, with previous stops in Dallas and Little Rock.

In order to stay up to date on all the latest tours and destinations, make sure to head on over to the Nick Black Music website. Here you’ll find all the currently scheduled destinations he has on the docket. You should also check out his Facebook page, as this provides up-to-the-minute information. Often times he’ll pick up a random show (more often in Memphis, although it may occur in other locations).

Whatever you decide to do though, you owe it to yourself to check out this Memphis musician as he rises through the ranks of professional artists in the area.

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