Liz Brasher

Come My Way - Live @ Home of Isaac Hayes

The setting for this video is tucked away amidst an old Memphis neighborhood set off of South Parkway. A community historically comprised of upper and middle class African-American families. But this home is a bit smaller than it’s more stately neighbors. Set back from the street and surrounded by a canopy of trees, no one would blame you if you’d never noticed it before. It’s a funky, quiet, little spot, concealing the fact that one of the greatest superstars of Memphis music once called this place home. A small, single-level home, with an open floor plan and a sunken living area. Wood panelling all around. It’s all still there, including the original, custom shelving built to accommodate hundreds of vinyl records. It just oozes cool. It’s the former home of Isaac Hayes, Stax Records staff songwriter, producer, and resident genius. If these walls could talk, imagine the stories they would tell.
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