Phillip Ashley Master Chocolatier


Phillip Ashley is the local chocolate maker that has the world talking. He has always had a love for Memphis, right on par with his love for chocolate. When he decided he wanted to start his own signature chocolate and dessert shop, he knew from the start he wanted it located in Memphis. However, with his talent, word quickly spread and the world wanted to sample his unique and delicious treats. That is why you can now purchase Phillip Ashley chocolates from a number of retailers, in addition to ordering online.

Recognized By His Peers

You know a culinary artist and designer chocolatier has something special going on when peers begin to recognize them for their skills. That is exactly what’s taking place with Phillip Ashley. He has grown his brand and now has an international following and is now known by publications such as Forbes Magazine as the Memphis King of Chocolate and even the Real-Life Willy Wonka.

All of this says a lot about a man who taught himself everything he knows. He has taken his skills and continually reinvented himself. He’s learned the rules of baking with chocolate, so he can break them. And that is what a true artist does. They understand the limits of a medium and what is expected from it. They then go and break these rules. This way, they understand how to break with the norm and craft something truly unique.

Finding Phillip Ashley Chocolates

The demand for Phillip Ashley chocolates had continued to grow in recent years. In order to help meet the demand, he has moved into a larger location when he can expand production while maintaining quality.

You can currently order a number of his chocolates directly through the Phillip Ashley website. Of course, this only works if you are willing to wait for delivery. If you’re hungry for chocolates right now, there are some additional options for you to consider. Currently, Neiman Marcus sells his chocolate at the department store throughout the country. So whether you’re from Los Angeles or Detroit, Colorado or Memphis, when you head on into a Neiman Marcus you will likely find his chocolates sold. You can also find the chocolate at Horchow and Horseshoe Casino.

Doing Good Beyond Chocolate

Phillip Ashley does more than make chocolate. He also does whatever he can to help out children throughout the United States. That is why in 2016 he created a national partnership with the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in order to host annual events and to raise money for the hospital, which is there to assist children suffering from cancer and other debilitating conditions.

Phillip puts on and takes part in a number of humanitarian events around the United States. This includes not only Memphis and the surrounding areas but in cities spanning the country. If you’re interested in taking part in these events as well, make sure to stay connected with him on social media.

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