Memphis’ thriving creative groups include musicians, artists of all genres and creative entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about sharing their vision and work with the community. Mallory Cassady is one such individual, a fashion blogger who is passionate about sharing her creative style and her love of fashion with her readers.

This Memphis resident is a creative soul with an undying zeal for everything that is pink. She owns and operates a blog at, where she delves into outfit ideas, affordable-yet-chic trends, party dress suggestions and much more.

Mallory’s blog reflects a sense of femininity with a minimalist theme and a beautifully designed logo on a baby-pink background. There’s no mistaking the fact that this is a personal space for the twenty-something college graduate to share her interests. Just a quick glance through the site is enough for you to learn that Mallory is a foodie, an avid traveler who loves exploring new places and an ardent follower of everything related to fashion and beauty.

Mallory’s blog features a variety of posts, including wedding-planning tips on how to select the right dress, find a wedding videographer and more.

Mallory also loves fashion photography—and she’s excellent at it. In fact, she has recently begun selling photography sessions for fashion bloggers, businesses and anyone else interested in her custom photography. Each session includes a personalized color palette selection, a photo shoot at an appropriate Memphis location and edited digital copies of the pictures. Session types range from a mini session that includes one outfit choice and lasts for 30 minutes to an ultimate session composed of three outfits and a 1.5-hour shoot. After each session, Mallory edits the photos using Adobe’s Creative Cloud Lightroom program.

Booking an online photography session with Mallory is easy: All you need to do is visit the photo pricing page here on her blog, then click the “Book Now” button. If you have any specific photo session requirements in mind, let her know ahead of time so she can cater to your needs.

Mallory’s journey as a blogger is inspiring for other young women who want to pursue their dreams and follow their hearts. With an aim to reach a large audience, Mallory started her website a year ago, and it has since grown into a full-fledged fashion blog. Her success is a testament to what Memphians can do when they put their creative passion to work!

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